Igor Motor

Real Name: Igor Motor

Identity/Class: Normal human with heavy-duty police training

Occupation: Science Militia Officer

Affiliations: Science Militia, the future police force of Moscow.

Enemies: Nobody in particular

Known Relatives: Unknown.

Aliases: Scourge of God and Devil's Coffee-Maker

Base of Operations: Science Militia HQ in Moscow

First Appearance: Kannus (of Seinäjoki Comics Society)

Powers/Abilities: Hardcore police training with some unusual equipment. In the last story he had a heavy-duty pump shotgun that was powerful enough to collapse stone wall and kill a number of opponents with a single shot.

History: In the future of 2055, the Moscow, of all places, is the last bastion of Western Civilization - Lenin's Mausoleum has been replaced with that of Mickey Mouse. Moscow's Science Militia tries to keep order against the most uncommon of threats. The toughest of all the officers is Igor Motor, the self-described "Scourge of God and Devil's Coffee-Maker".

Comments: Creation of Finnish comic artist Pekka Manninen. The first stories appeared before glasnost. Igor Motor is a satirical mix of Dirty Harry and Maxwell Smart and looks a bit like the latter.

Profile by Vesa Lehtinen.


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