The Hand

Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Ghost (probably)

Occupation: Unknown

Affiliations: Shiver Givers, possibly Hire a Horror

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: The Foot, the Ear

Aliases: The Monster Hand (see Comments)

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: (Monster Hand) Cor #78 (IPC, 27th November 1971); (the Hand) Shiver and Shake #1 (I.P.C., 10th March 1973 - 5th Oct 1974; 79 Issues)

Powers/Abilities: The Hand was a sentient, ghostly appendage. It could fly and move things around much like a regular hand. It could also change size; normally, it was only a little larger than a normal human hand, but it could become much larger, at least as big as a small sized human.

History: Not given. The Hand was a ghostly apparition in the form of a human hand, that went around doing good deeds and fighting villains.

Comments: Though it isn't 100% certain, I have been informed that the Hand's artist was Reg Parlett. Thanks to Jim Croasdale for this additional information.

A similar appendage, the Monster Hand, first appeared in the Hire a Horror strip in Cor #78. Whether this was merely a precursor to the Hand, or the Hand in a pre-starring role, is entirely up to the reader to determine; it wouldn't, however, be the first time a character debuted as a one-off guest star and proved sufficiently popular to become the lead in their own strip. The Hand appeared in Shiver and Shake from the first issue until #79.

The Hand's cousins, the Ear and the Foot, appeared in the Shiver Givers strip in Shiver and Shake.

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