Real Name: Shiela Brewster

Identity/Class: Ghost

Occupation: Supervillain

Affiliations: The Crushers

Enemies: The Crusaders

Known Relatives: None known

Sheila as the Shrew, prior to her deathAliases: The Shrew (former)

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Crisis at the Crusader Citadel


History: Sheila Brewster was expelled from NAFBA (the North American Female Boxing Association) upon discovery of her dealings with a group of mobsters who had paid her to throw an important bout. Hitting the skids, she managed to employ herself as a thug for a Chicago syndicate leader... eventually working her way up to a position of great fear and respect in the underworld, known as the Shrew because of her diminutive size and vicious nature.

When her drug use began to affect her performance, certain underworld elements used the opportunity to unseat her and force her out. It was at that time that Mocker recruited her in to the Crushers. She served with that villain team for an extended period, watching other members come and go. One new member was a minor league villain who could control rabid animals. He was rendered unconscious during a battle with the Crusaders, and his animals went wild. Shrew was bitten by one of them, and contracted rabies, which eventually killed her.

Sheila refused to stay dead though, and returned to the Crushers as the Hauntress.

Comments: Created by Jack Herman and Jeff Dee. Art on this page by Jeff Dee and copyright to him.


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