Real Name: Rayma

Identity/Class: Human mutate/cyborg

Occupation: Agent of the Science Patrol

Affiliations: Professor Chang, the Science Patrol

Enemies: Princess Elzibub (a.k.a. Princess Dragon Mom [or maybe Dragon-Mon])

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "The Man Beyond Bionics"

Base of Operations: Hong Kong

First Appearance: Jung-Gwok chiu-yan (1975)

Powers/Abilities: Acrobatic, skilled martial artist. Wears "infra-boots" with built in jets, allowing him to make huge leaps, or conclude kicks with devastating effect. Armed with explosive / incendiary darts. Able to fire bolts of energy from his hands. His gauntlets, the "Thunderball Fists", can be electrified, or fired like mini-missiles, and are armed with built in blades capable of slicing through most substances. Inframan can grow to an immense size at will.

History: When the ancient villainy of Princess Elzibub threatens to conquer Earth using a horde of mutant monsters, scientist Professor Chang transforms a volunteer into Inframan to battle her.

Comments: Played by Danny Lee.

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