Irma Geddon

Real Name: Irma Wornow

Identity/Class: Human technology user (wears high-tech armour)

Occupation: Police officer

Affiliations: Girl One (partner, deceased), Joe Pi (partner)

Enemies: Various criminals

Known Relatives: Ron (husband, a precog); Cherry Bomb, Cerebra (daughters)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Neopolis

First Appearance: Top Ten #1 (America's Best Comics)

Powers/Abilities: Irma wears a suit of extremely heavily armed powered armour. Its weapon capability extends to the thermonuclear range.

History: Irma Wornow is a member of Top Ten Precinct. As Irma Geddon, she wears suits of powered armour, often painted with slogans (such as one which has "I love my country But I fear my government" - the first part of the sentence on her helmet, and everything after and including "But" written on the torso). She was partnered for a long time with officer Sung Li (a.k.a. Girl One), until she was killed. Irma initially resented her new partner, the robotic newcomer Joe Pi, but as time has passed she has come to accept him.

Comments: Created by Alan Moore and Gene Ha.

Thanks to Luis Coelho for information about this character.


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