Membership: Spang, Mite, Shealth, Gymcrack, Cyclone, Hyperion, Horror




Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Revengers #6 (Continuity)

History: In a malevolent secret plot between aliens and power hungry corporations, human cells were combined with cells from aliens to produce hybrids. Seven Hybrids, were born on seven different planets. All seven developed a psychic link with each other, that spanned intergalactic space. They discovered that they had shared one thing in common. They owed half their existence to the planet Earth. And then they discovered that the Earth was in Danger. And so the teen Hybrids journeyed home.

Among the foes they faced on Earth was Devilspawn. They also encountered the Revengers and Valeria and her fellow Werebrids.

Comments: Thanks to Bruce Reville for informing me of the correct first appearance of this character.


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