Raphael Cain

Real Name: Raphael Cain

Identity/Class: Mystically altered human

Occupation: Demon slayer, formerly sailor

Affiliations: Goodwin, Dr.Sara Beckham, Harvey (sock stealing class 3 demon), Lester Dash

Enemies: Mallos, Vashista, Randall, Blaylock, Maximillian Montgomery, Oniko, Ashur, Rodan

Known Relatives: Mikiko (wife, deceased), Yashiro (father-in-law), Kiyomi (daughter)

Aliases: The Immortal, Rafe, Keane Emerald

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: The Immortal #1 "Demons of the Night" Part 1 (Syndication, 7th October 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Immortal. Heals any wound given time. Skilled swordsman.

History: "An oath sworn is an oath answered. An oath of vengeance for a life taken. A past destroyed, a future threatened. Enemy of darkness, he walks the earth, relentless. His mission, to hunt the messengers of evil, and drive them back to Hell. Now, the light of the earth depends on...the Immortal."

In the 17th century Dutch sailor Raphael Cain was stranded on the foreign shores of Japan. He fell in love with one of the locals, Mikiko, and they eventually married. However, after the birth of their daughter Kiyomi, they were attacked by demons, who killed Rafe's wife and stole his child. Mikiko's father, Yashiro, was devastated, and mystically empowered Rafe, who swore that he would never rest or die until all the demons walking the Earth had been sent back to Hell. Partnered with Goodwin, his immortal servant, Rafe has walked the Earth for over three centuries trying to fulfill his geas.

In modern times Rafe and Goodwin became involved with parapsychologist Dr. Sara Beckman, after she unwittingly made herself the target of the demons Mallos and Vashista. During a confrontation with Mallos, the demon taunted Rafe with the news that his daughter was alive and well, somewhere in the world, but under the control of demons. Given a new goal for the first time in centuries, Rafe and his two allies seek to rescue Kiyomi, and finally rid the Earth of the demons who plague her.

Comments: Played by Lorenzo Lamas. The show lasted one season of 22 episodes.

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