Real Name: Hexadecimal

Identity/Class: Virus

Occupation: Chaotic witch; Mainframe's protector

Affiliations: Scuzzy, Bob, Enzo, nulls

Enemies: Megabyte, Daemon, Dot

Known Relatives: Megabyte (brother)

Aliases: The Queen of Chaos; Killabyte

Base of Operations: Lost Angles, Mainframe

First Appearance: ReBoot (ABC, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Hexadecimal commands transfinite power reserves and with them, access to near-magical powers. Along with energy-based attacks, flight and the ability to open portals to the Net & Web, she commands the Nulls of Mainframe and can do this even in Sprite form.

History: Hexadecimal started life as Killabyte, a minor beastial virus awaiting deletion at the Super Computer. This all changed when a Gateway program from Mainframe upgraded him to the superpowerful Gigabyte before depositing him in Mainframe's twin city and splitting him into Megabyte and Hexadecimal- the resulting explosion destroyed the city and turned it into Lost Angles. While Megabyte went off to take over the rest of the system, the utterly mad Hex decided she liked it in Lost Angles and from here she spent her days working out how to best cause chaos, screw with the system's functions and destroy her brother ("Oh, that's just sibling rivalry."). The Guardian Bob stood against her and she ended up falling heavily in love with him.

When a Web Creature was inadvertently let loose in Mainframe (which briefly bonded to her a la Venom) and created a portal to the Web, Hexadecimal played a key role in powering the Hardware used to close the portal. However, she and her brother double-crossed Mainframe and launched Bob off into the Web; she then tried to destroy the Principal Office and thus the whole system, until the timely arrival of a Game Cube took her out in an explosion. Salvaged by Megabyte, she was rebuilt (in a far more bondage-happy form) and placed under his control so he could use her powers for his own agenda. She eventually broke loose and when Bob returned, he reprogrammed her madness away from her and she joined the Mainframers, even getting her own Icon and PID code.

With Megabyte launched into the Web and Mainframe repaired, the System prepared for war with the supervirus Daemon, who'd taken over a large sector of the Net. After using a vast amount of her power to chuck Daemon's invaders out of the system, Hex's Icon ended up transforming her into a Sprite- her powers went as a result. As she continued her courting of Bob, Daemon attacked the System, successfully conquered it and drove Bob near to the point of death. Hexadecimal used the system's Core energy to go viral again and charged to the defence of Bob, fighting Daemon to a standstill and then finally sacrificing herself in order to spread the cure for Daemon's virus through the Net.

Comments: Hexadecimal is voiced by Shirley Millner.

The entire above profile was generously supplied by Charles Ellis. Many thanks to him for doing so.

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