Hooded Wasp

Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Unknown

Occupation: Unknown

Affiliations: Wasplet (Jim Martin, sidekick), Honey Wasp (Babe, sidekick)

Enemies: The Head (Judd Whitney), Dundril, The Mask (Winston), The Boss (Rex Gorth), John Baroni, the Men of the Mist, Dr.Merlin, Mirth, Dr.Zandricks, the Cyclops, the Flame, Thebe, Judas, Cain, Zerko Mulesk,

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: The Shadow #7 (Street and Smith, November 1940)

Powers/Abilities: Able to fly, other powers unknown

History: (The Shadow #7) No synopsis.

(The Shadow #8, "The Head") The Hooded Wasp battled the Head and his dwarf assistant, Dundril.

(The Shadow #9, "Realm of the Ghosts") The Hooded Wasp was called to Marshall, a small mountain town, to explore a haunted mansion. However when the Wasp and Jim got there, they found the man who asked them to come, Mr.Winston, dead, ghosts haunting the mansion, and their old foe Dundril present serving a new master, the Mask. In the end the heroes discovered the Mask was actually Mr.Winston, trying to use the ghosts to scare the locals away so he could steal a hidden treasure located beneath their homes, and simultaneously kill the Hooded Wasp and Jim.

(The Shadow #10) The hero fought Rex Gorth, a.k.a. the Boss.

(The Shadow #11) The Wasp fought John Baroni, who used a stilleto to kill his victims.

(The Shadow #12) The Hooded Wasp investigated mysterious beings emerging from the mists to bedevil Elvino, a mining town. The Mysterious Men in the Mist proved to be costumed operatives of a Nazi agent.

(The Shadow II #1) No synopsis available.

(The Shadow II #2) No synopsis available.

(The Shadow II #6) The Hooded Wasp and Wasplet deal with a prison break.

(The Shadow II #7, "Invitation to Death") No synopsis available.

(The Shadow II #8, "In the Castles of Death") The Hooded Wasp battled Dr.Merlin and Mirth.

(The Shadow II #9, "Swamp Ghost") The Hooded Wasp battled the Nazis.

(The Shadow II #11, "The Human Zoo") The Wasp faced Dr.Zandricks and his animal men, and met Babe, who became his sidekick.

(The Shadow III #1, "The Miser's Secret") No synopsis available.

(The Shadow III #2, "The Shipwreck Magnet") The Wasp battled the Flame, who would become a recurring nemesis.

(The Shadow III #3, "The Flame Burns Again") The Flame returned to battle the Hooded Wasp. Meanwhile Babe adopted the costumed identity of the Honey Wasp.

(The Shadow III #4, "Fire Ball") The Flame continued to be a thorn in the side of the Hooded Wasp.

(The Shadow III #5, "In The Amazon World") The Hooded Wasp took on Thebe, a villainous Amazon queen.

(The Shadow III #6, "Devils Incarnate") The Hooded Wasp battled Judas, Cain and the Devils Incarnate.

(The Shadow III #7, "The Slave Machine") The Hooded Wasp fought Zerko Mulesk.

(The Shadow III #8, "More of the Slave Machine") The Wasp's battle with Zerko ends in the villain's death.

Comments: The Hooded Wasp's sidekick Jim Martin had a costume like his mentor from the start. However he didn't get the name Wasplet until The Shadow II #6. The Hooded Wasp added Babe to his supporting cast with The Shadow II #11 in February 1943. A few months later she adopted the costumed identity of the Honey Wasp, with The Shadow III #3 in June 1943.

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