Hunter Rose

Real Name: Eddie

Identity/Class: Normal human (? - may be human possessed by demon)

Occupation: Novelist (most likely true crime and crime fiction)

Affiliations: Jocasta Rose

Enemies: Argent; Batman

Known Relatives: Stacy Polumbo Olliver (adopted daughter); Christine Spar (granddaughter via adopted daughter)

Aliases: Grendel

Base of Operations: Manhattan, New York

First Appearance: Comico Primer #2 (Comico, 1984)

Powers/Abilities: Hunter Rose was an accomplished fencer, and possessed a genius intellect.

History: Eddie was an exceptional youth, gifted far beyond his contemporaries both mentally and physically, who grew to despair that he would never find a true challenge. He fell in love with Jocasta Rose, who touched him in a way no other person ever did before or would again. Though she died, she gave him new direction in his life, and he adopted twin persona, the celebrated novelist Hunter Rose, and the crimelord Grendel. His crimes drew the attention of the police's greatest asset, the werewolf Argent, who took up the hunt. Meanwhile Hunter adopted a slain mobster's daughter, Stacy Poloumbo; though he loved her dearly, she also made friends with Argent, eventually tipping him off to her adoptive father's dual identity. Grendel and Argent confronted one another in final battle; Argent was crippled, while Grendel was slain. Hunter Rose was 21 when he died.

Stacy would later marry, and was the mother of Christine Spar, the next Grendel.

Comments: Created, written and drawn by Matt Wagner.

Thanks to both Josh Geren and James Leff for information on this character

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