Real Name: Idéfix

Identity/Class: Dog

Occupation: Pet of Obelix

Affiliations: Asterix; Obelix, Chickadix

Enemies: Romans, Aquilla

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Dogmatix (his name in the English translations)

Base of Operations: Gaulish village in the west of France

First Appearance: Le tour de Gaule d’Asté (Asterix and the Banquet, 1965 - the fifth Asterix adventure)

Powers/Abilities: Idéfix has a pretty mean bite for a small dog, especially when he has his strength increased by the magic potion.

History: Found by Obelix while the menhir maker was travelling with his friend Asterix, Idéfix swiftly became Obelix's faithful companion.

Comments: Created by Albert Uderzo and Rene Goscinny.

Idéfix was the star of his own series of adventures in the 1970's, aimed at younger readers.

Thanks to Theodoor Westerhof for providing me with his correct name and details of his history.


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