Real Name: Inferno

Identity/Class: Terrestrial alien humanoid

Occupation: would-be conqueror

Affiliations: Dante

Enemies: The British Armed Forces

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: The centre of the Earth

First Appearance: Smash Annual 1969

Powers/Abilities: Inferno is huge - he stands taller than most London tower blocks, at least the same height as Nelson's Column (which is 185 feet or roughly 56 metres tall). His breath was hot enough to cause buildings to ignite into flames, and shells from tanks did not even make him blink.

History: ("Inferno", Smash Annual 1969) Inferno was one of a race of giants who lived near the centre of the Earth in a realm of magma and heat. He was sent by his people's leader, Dante, to see if the surface of the Earth might be habitable for the giants, emerging in the centre of London. His mere approach brought on a heat wave in the middle of winter, and his actual arrival brought chaos. At first Inferno wandered unhindered, having decided that his people could simply burn out the current inhabitants of the surface world. Conventional weapons proved useless, but when the gargantuan invader tripped into the sea, the water extinguished his flames and severely weakened him. He fled back to his travel capsule and retreated back to his home at the Earth's core.

Comments: None.

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