Real Name: Dylan Cruise





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Cyberforce

Powers/Abilities: Heatwave is a cybernetically enhanced mutant who absorbs and releases solar energy. Basically, think either Summers of X fame. He wears a specially designed suit which allows him to contain and control this energy (Think Cyclops' visor) which is released as superheated plasma (think Havok). He can also fly by riding the air currents generated by this heat.

History: Heatwave was the leader of Cyberforce. Together with Cyblade and Stormwatch, he rescued Stryker and the McNallys from Cyberdata. They worked so well as a team that Cyblade, Stryker, and he decided to form Cyberforce.

Heatwave is a mutant, able to absorb and release solar energy. Unfortunately, when his powers first manifested, he accidentally killed his brother, which forced him to leave home and join the Navy. There, he became a SEAL, got married, and had a daughter named Dana. During a terrorists' revenge against him, Dana was shot and killed, a fact that broke up his marriage and nearly got his team killed during a mission. Cyberdata soon showed up, turned him into a S.H.O.C., and that was that.



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