Inferno the Flame-Breather

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First Appearance: Zip #10 (Archie, January 1941)

Powers/Abilities: Able to breath fire, which is strong enough to melt through steel doors, or melt bullets in flight before they can strike him.

History: Originally a circus fire-eater, Inferno turned his hand to crime, but after Steel Sterling set him straight. Sent to prison for his crimes, Inferno learned of a planned jail break, and the intended murder of the judge who had sentenced both him and the would-be escapees. Not wanting to be a snitch, he kept this to himself but after witnessing guards being murdered during the break-out, he escaped too, and raced to the judge's home, where he saved both the judge and his daughter. Inferno was willing to return to prison, but the judge told him that the order had been given to shoot Inferno on sight; feeling Inferno had proven himself too good a man for that fate, the judge advised him to flee. Now a fugitive, Inferno was inspired by Steel Sterling's example and became a crime fighter, using his power to battle injustice.

Comments: Created by Joe Blair and Paul Reinman


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