Lin Lin Hsu

Real Name: Lin Lin Hsu

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Nurse

Affiliations: Narutaki Detective Agency; Gouriki.

Enemies: Phantom Knight (very embittered son of a man who killed Narutaki's parents); Dr Guilty, a mad machine scientist, Machine Baron, a "machine fetishist"; Le Bread the boy criminal; Red Scorpion the jewel thief

Known Relatives: Dr Hsu/Gouriki (father), Lan Lan Hsu (older sister and henchwoman of Le Bread); Feiffer (mother)

Aliases: Ling Ling Hsu (English edition)

Base of Operations: Narutaki Detective Agency

First Appearance: Steam Detectives #1

Powers/Abilities: Trained as a nurse.

History: Lin Lin Hsu, born of Yellow River City, became a nurse when her father, Doctor Hsu, died. His brain was embedded inside a megamaton called Gouriki. When the Phantom Knight claimed to her that he could restore her father to true life, Lin Lin initially believed him and co-operated with his schemes. Eventually she and Gouriki joined forces with Narutaki to defeat the Phantom Knight.

Lin Lin is a very professional nurse (who even has her own brand-name medical supplies) who uses her nurse's uniform as everyday clothing.

Comments: Created by Kia Asamiya.

Thanks to Vesa Lehtinen for the above profile. He notes "Lin Lin is also an occasional damsel in distress and the source of most of the "cheesecake" in the series."


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