Real Name: Andrea Thomas

Identity/Class: Magically enhanced human

Occupation: High school science teacher

Affiliations: Freedom Force; Captain Marvel; Tut (her crow); Rick (work colleague)

Enemies:  The Dragon Riders; Morgana

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: The Secret of Isis - a segment of the Shazam / Isis hour (CBS, September 1975)

Powers/Abilities: The amulet allows Isis to fly, to run at superhuman speed, gives her superhuman strength, and the power of telekinesis.

Andrea ThomasHistory: (The Secret of Isis) While on an archeological dig, high school teacher discovered an amulet that once belonged to an Egyptian queen. Putting it on, she found that it magically granted superhuman powers to the wearer. She stole the find, and decided to become the superheroine Isis (since that was the name she had to invoke to draw on the amulet's powers).

(Freedom Force) After a successful solo career, Isis gathered together a team of fellow heroes to battle threats from throughout time.

The animated version of IsisComments: There were 22 episodes of the live action Secrets of Isis programme, which aired as part of the Shazam/ Isis hour. Isis met her co-star a couple of times during the show's run. DC Comics, who owned Captain Marvel by this point, launched a short lived Isis comic too. When her own series ended, the Isis character was revived as the leader of Filmation's Freedom Force cartoon, which aired as part of the Tarzan and Super 7 programme. Joanna Cameron played the part in the live action show, while Diane Pershing voiced the part for the cartoon.

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