Hokus Pokus

Real Name: Erik Hashimoto de la Cruz

Identity/Class: Human enhanced by magic

Occupation: Martial artist, bodyguard to the mayor

Affiliations: Kim, Mayor Ferrer, Councilor Aquino, Yoly, Buboy, Lili Chua

Enemies: Don Evaristo Segovia, Mon Seguerra, Mystico

Known Relatives: Unnamed parents (deceased), Cecille (sister)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Philippines

First Appearance: Ninja Komiks #142 (1988)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled in the martial arts of Kung Fu, Karate and Ninjitsu; could render himself invisible by placing his medallion in his mouth and could perform various feats of magic by speaking the words "Hokus Pokus."

History: Martial arts champion Erik de la Cruz returned home from an overseas tournament, only to find his sister raped and his parents murdered under the orders of local crime boss Segovia. Sensing Erik's desire for justice, a mysterious old man named Kim bequeathed to him a medallion that bestowed mystical powers upon its wearer. As the ninja magician Hokus Pokus, Erik fought against the crime and corruption gripping his beloved hometown.

Comments: Created by Rico Bello Omagap and Rol Enriquez.

The image on this page is from Reno Maniquis' excellent Capsule Zone site, and is his (gorgeous) interpretation of this character. Image used with his permission.

Profile by Aris Panganiban.


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