Invisible Dick

Real Name: Dick Brett

Identity/Class: Human using chemical means to gain superpowers

Occupation: School boy

Affiliations: Ted Saunders (school friend)

Enemies: Professor Kandee

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Rover (D.C.Thomson, 4 March 1922; text serial); Dandy (4 December 1937)

Powers/Abilities: Dick can turn invisible using the liquid in his bottle.

History: While on his way to play football, Dick bumped into something he couldn't see. It turned out the obstacle was a one-legged sailor called Peg-Leg Pete, who passed on to Dick a bronze Egyptian bottle full of liquid which, when sniffed, rendered the person invisible for a period of time.

Comments: Created by Frank Topham.

The character was revived in the Sparky comic in the sixties. This new version had a different origin, and is sufficiently different that I feel he warrants his own entry in that era. In the revived version in Sparky, Dick turns invisible using "black light" emitted from a torch taken into space and back by his astronaut father.

Donovan Rouse owns a book containing the original text stories, and notes that his origin in this is different from that of the comic strip version. "In the book Dick is rendered invisible by sniffing a bottle from a casket from a tomb given to him by the professor. The book has 13 chapters"

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