Halloween Man

Real Name: Solomon Hitch

Identity/Class: Undead human (Zombie)

Occupation: Monster hunter

Affiliations: Lucy Chaplin (girlfriend), Morlack, Man-Goat (Ron Rollins), GildAr, Nickodemis Mousefriend

Enemies: Count Von Horhaw (Ronny McGuire), Brainchild, Revengers (Creep, Technocrat, Arachnodude, others unidentified), Dr. Owl, Neon Skulls, Phantom Hood, Red Guard, Rocky the Gargoyle, el Muerto, Santaborgs; formerly Vlad, Cassie Hack, Sentinels of Justice (American Psycho, Disco Inferno, Hydro-Girl)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Solar City, Texas

First Appearance: Unknown

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength and agility, resistant to injury due to undead nature, rapidly heals any wound. Able to sense attacks before the are launched. He wields a magical shovel capable of piercing virtually any material. He needs to devour human flesh and brains to maintain his powers.

History: Slain by the vampire Count Von Horhaw on Halloween night, Solomon Hitch was brought back to "life" by the necromancer Morlack's arcane magic which turned him into a flesh-eating zombie with "the power of the horror movie sequel," allowing him to heal any wound. Now, aided by his super-scientist girlfriend Lucy Chaplin, Morlack and the hedonistic demi-god Man-Goat, he defends Solar City, Texas from evil, such as the extradimensional zombie superheroes the Revengers.

Comments: Created by Drew Edwards. Halloween Man's official site is here.

Halloween Man will be appearing in the War of the Independents.

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