Real Name: Derek Dodger

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Safety/Security Supervisor

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Crabshark, Hawgamoto, Toxic Trout, Contaminated Catfish, Pewdrid Pickerel, Saturated Sunfish, Basted Bass

Known Relatives: None (he lives alone with his dog)

Aliases: Hawg-Wuss, Fish-Stick (Crab-Shark's names for him); Nature's Champion; Defender of the Outdoors; Protector of the Environment

Base of Operations: Boston area/New England

First Appearance: New England Sportsmen Magazine 1996

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength and durability. Able to fly.

History: "Hawgman is nature's champion He patrols and protects stream and river, hill and mountain, pond and mighty lake. Hawgman is our environment's greatest hero! Hawgman uses his many superpowers to battle all of nature's enemies - including the pollution hungry mutoids who are always causing trouble!"

One day Derek Dodger was fishing a local river when he discovered a drum of unknown hazardous liquid leaking into the river. He tried to move the barrel out of the water but spilled the leaking substance on himself and breathed the fumes. He became very sick and ended up in the hospital where he almost died. When he recovered he went back to the site where the barrel was, only to find strange fish mutoids swimming around in an aggressive manner waiting to attack him if he entered the water. He made a pledge from that day on to fight polluters and mutoids. Since he was an outdoors man and loved Nature he needed an identity that would set him apart from all other superheroes. Calling on Mother Nature for power and identity he was grant the mighty powers and dubbed Hawgman (which stands for Huge Awesome Water Gorilla Man). He is now Nature's Champion - Defender Of The Outdoors - Protector Of The Environment.

Hawgman seems to have the morals of a overgrown boyscout, even giving a giant, raging monster a chance to "do the right thing" and surrender without a fight.

Comments: Created by John Wowk, art work by Jesse Moore.

Thanks to John Wowk for information and images. The character and it's likeness are copyright and trademarked to him and Jesse Moore.

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