Cabala, Brazilian mage

Caballero Rojo, Argentinian hero

Cabbage, Warpie

Cadaver, enemy of the DNAgents

Caesar, Kemlo, member of Top Ten

Cain, enemy of Robocop

Caine, member of the Night Krew

Cain, Raphael, the Immortal

Cairo, Mustapha

Calibre, member of Team Tejas

Camaleão Cinzento, Brazilian hero

Canada Jack, Golden age Canadian hero



Canadian Legion

Canadian Ninja



Canoehead, spoof Canadian hero

Caped Chameleon, ally of the Tick

Capella, superstrong antiques collector

Capitaine Kebec

Capitaine Kebec, the above's successor

Capitaine Souche

Capitan Chile, Chilean hero

Capitan Furia, Spanish hero

Capitan Italia, Italian hero

Capitan Jupiter, Chilean hero

Capitan Leo, Peruvian character

Capitan Novara, Italian hero

Capitán Vengador, Spanish hero

Capitão Brás, Brazilian hero

Capitão Brasil, Patriotic Brazilian hero

Capitão Brasil, a different patriotic Brazilian hero

Capitão 7, Brazilian hero

Cap'n Quick


Captain Aero

Captain Africa, hero of Egyptica

Captain Albion

Captain Amazing

Captain America, Golden Age hero

Captain Atlantis, New Age Canadian hero

Captain Atlas, British hero

Captain Atom, Australian

Captain Atom, Charlton

Captain Atom, scientific adventurer

Captain Attack

Captain Barbell, Filipino hero

Captain Battle, Golden Age hero

Captain Battle Jr, son of the above

Captain Black

Captain Britain, British hero

Captain Bubble, Actionfolksinger

Captain Cadaver, vampire villain

Captain California, student at Hero High

Captain Canada, partner of Beaver Boy

Captain Canada, protege of Captain Atlantis

Captain Canduck, avian hero

Captain Canuck, agent of the C.S.I.O.

Captain Canuck, foe of the New World Order

Captain Canuck, third of that name

Captain Capacitor, ReBoot data pirate

Captain Caution, British Rail safety hero

Captain Caveman, prehistoric superhero

Captain Chinook, humerous newspaper strip Canadian hero

Captain Clyde, Scottish hero

Captain Combat

Captain Commando, Archie Comics

Captain Commando, Impact Comics

Captain Confederacy, later known as Kid Dixie

Captain Confederacy, the above's successor

Captain Conquest, British hero

Captain Cosmic

Captain Courageous

Captain Crash

Captain Crusader

Captain Dash, Golden Age hero of the future

Captain Daring, Golden Age hero of the future

Captain Daring, Golden Age pilot

Captain England

Captain Euro

Captain Everything

Captain Fearless

Captain Fight

Captain Flag

Captain Flash

Captain Flight, Golden Age pilot

Captain Flint

Captain Flower

Captain 4-Q

Captain 4th&Main

Captain Freedom, Golden age hero

Captain Freedom, Canadian hero

Captain Freedom, Americomic hero

Captain Future

Captain Glory

Captain Goodguy

Captain Handsome

Captain Havoc

Captain Hero

Captain Hornet

Captain Hot Wheels

Captain Hurricane

Captain Invincible, foe of Mr.Midnight

Captain Jack Commando, Street and Smith Golden Age hero

Captain Jetman

Captain Justice, Once A Hero

Captain Justice, Australian hero

Captain Justice, Canadian hero

Captain Katseye, Australian hero

Captain Kerosene

Captain Keystone

Captain Kiwi

Captain Klep

Captain Koala

Captain Kremmen, space hero

Captain Krunch

Captain Law

Captain Lunar

Captain Magnet

Captain Marvel, the original, the Big Red Cheese

Captain Marvel, the second, non-Marvel, non-DC superhero

Captain Marvel Jnr

Captain Massachusetts, Discotronic Funk Commando

Captain Metropolis

Captain Midnight

Captain Might

Captain Miracle, redrawn Marvelman

Captain Mors

Captain Nemo, skipper of the Nautilus

Captain Newfoundland, New Age Canadian hero

Captain Nice, ineffectual sitcom hero

Captain Oz

Captain Paragon, AC Comics hero

Captain Phantom, Master of a Thousand Disguises

Captain Planet, ecologically minded hero

Captain Power, Golden Age hero

Captain Power, Australian hero

Captain Pugwash, amiable pirate

Captain Red Blazer, Golden age text hero

Captain Scarlet, enemy of the Mysterons

Captain Squid, Superior Squad

Captain Sunshine, New Zealand hero

Captain Sweden

Captain Thunder, partner of Blue Bolt

Captain Trips

Captain Triumph, Golden Age hero empowered by his brother's ghost

Captain Tupelo, junkie superhero

Captain U.K., alternate Captain Britain

Captain Universe, space hero

Captain Valiant, Golden Age hero

Captain Valor, Hero Squared

Captain Victory, Golden Age

Captain Victory, Jack Kirby creation

Captain Vigilant

Captain Vigour 

Captain Vyom

Captain Walla Walla

Captain Whiz

Captain Whoosh, jetpack criminal

Captain Wizard

Captain Wonder, Canadian Golden Age hero

Captain Wonder, Timely Comics hero

Captain Zenith, British Golden Age hero

Captain Zoom



Carl, assassin, partner of Larry

Carlisle, Amy, Crow

Carmelita, girlfriend of Arthur

Carnage, mercenary

Carnifex, government Ace who loves to fight

Carnovan, Presley, reincarnated Prince of Egypt

Caroq, Indonesian hero

Carol, TP

Carson, enemy of the Griffin

Carson, Blaze, Golden Age western hero

Carson of Venus

Carter, John, Warlord of Mars

Casanova Frankenstein



Casey, Sam

Casshan, Japanese robot fighter

Cassidy, Irish vampire

Castle, Diego Del Mount, Brazilian adventurer

Castor, member of Hero Alliance

Cat, Haunted

Cat, Canadian

Cat, Bunty

Cat, partner of Mouse

Cat, member of the GeneDogs

The Cat, Australian hero

Cat-Girl, 40s

Cat Girl, from Sally

Cat Girl Nuku Nuku

Catholic Girl, sidekick to Nun of the Above

Cathy Gale

Cat-Man, Golden Age hero

Cat-Man, Australian

Catman, Canadian hero

Catman, Hong Kong hero

Cat's Claw

Catweazle, eccentric and time-lost magician


Cave Bird, assistant to Captain Caveman

Cave Girl

Cavey Jr, sidekick to Captain Caveman

Cazador, Argentinian hero




Celsius, Codename: Strikeforce

The Centurions

Cerdotado, Mexican superpowered pig

Cerebus the Aardvark, barbarian warrior



Chacha Chaudhary

The Chain


Chairface Chippendale

Chainsaw Vigilante

Challenger, leader of the Justice Machine

Challenger, Golden Age hero

Challenger, Professor




Chance Falconer


Chanoc, Mexican hero

Chaos Corp

Chaos Nation


el Chapulan Colorado, Mexican hero

Char Chapman, the Phantom of the East

Charger, Rex, Centurions

Charisma, enemy of Gay Guy

Charles Raven, Victorian escapologist

Charley Bones, Millennium City crimelord

Charlie, zombie

Charlie's Choice

Charmed Ones, trio of witches

Chase, Abbey, Danger Girl

Chase, Ambrose, Planetary

Chastity, vampire

Le Chat, French crimefighter

Chavurat Amuflaim, Israeli superchildren


Cheese, partner of Milk

Cheetah, sister of Gina Diggers


Cherubhim Whirlwind

Chesty Sanchez

Chet Blair

Le Chevalier de l'Espace


The Chief

Chief Judge Cal

Chief Judge Goodman

Chief Judge Griffin

Chief Judge McGruder

Chief Judge Silver

Chief Judge Volt


Chimera, from Zenith



China Doll, member of the Technet

Chip Savage, grandson of Doc Savage

Chiun, Master of Sinanju

Choc, Belgian supervillain

Chocolate Thunder, Canadian hero

Chodenshi Bioman, Super Sentai team


The Chosen, Chaos Comics

The Chosen, Latino hero team

Chris Heyman, ally of Grimjack

Christine Spar, Grendel


Chronic, partner of Bluntman

Chrysalis, Wild Card Joker

Chrysalis, Elementals foe, member of the Destroyers

Chuck, ally of Shazzan

Chuck Magnon, immortal warrior

Chukumukus, Israeli supervillain

Chunks of Rotting Flesh Man, New Zealand hero


Ciclone, Italian hero

Cihualyaomiquiz, the Jaguar

Cimarron, member of the Liberty Project

Circulo Justiciero, Spanish hero team

Citizen Pain, Violent Messiahs

Citizen V, Golden Age hero

Clan Destine, British family of superhumans

Claymore, Wetworks

Cleopatra, member of the Honor Guard

Cleve, Ohio, New Statesman

Clever Dick, Astro City villain

Cliff Cross

Climt, school friend of Jim Twilley

The Cloak, Golden age hero

The Cloak, superspy from Pow!

The Clock, Golden Age hero

Clock, Yesterday Men

Clown, Golden Age hero

Clutch, M.A.S.K.

Coach Cosmo

Cobra, Badger

Cobra, French

Cobra, MLJ vigilante

The Cobra, Actionfolksinger hero

Cobweb, Special Executive

Cobweb, Science heroine

Cochav Shavit

Codename : Barracuda, British secret agent

Codename: Strikeforce

Cody, Dan, Crow

Coffin, undead hero

Coil Man

Cold Mary



The Colonel, Astro City hero

Colonel Timothy "Ace" Watson, Alpha Corps


Coltrane, Luc, member of the Watch




Combo Rangers, Brazilian heroes


The Comet, Archie Comics

The Comet, Impact Comics

The Comet, The Dandy Comic

Cometa, Brazilian hero


Commander, CAG character

The Commander, enemy of DNAgents

Commander Chaos, leader of Strikeforce America

Commander Earth

Commander Krug

Commander Nion, Strikeforce: Morituri

Commander Steel

Commando D

Commando Cody

Commando X, enemy of Static

Commando Yank

Commie Smasher, member of the Sentinels of Liberty

Le Comte de Champignac

Computer Man

Computer Warrior

Comte de Saint-Germain

Conan, barbarian warrior


Conde Bartok, foe of Kaliman

Condition Red


Le Condor

Condorman, Disney hero

The Confessor

The Conjurors

Connie, Southern Knight



Conquest, Norman


Copperhead, Johnny, American Wasteland



Coraline, French heroine

Cord, Eric, Werewolf

Cornelia, teenage witch

Coronary Canary, ally of Bullet Crow

Corpse, zombie hero

Corrigan, Nick

Corvin, Ashe, Crow

Corvis, Alex, Crow

Cosmic Christ

Cosmic Dancer, Canadian character

Cosmo, French space adventurer

Cosmo, General Jack, space adventurer

Cosmo Mann, Golden Age scientific hero

Cougar, Youngblood

Cougar, Atlas / Seaboard

Count Dooku, Jedi Knight traitor

Count Duckula, vegetarian vampire duck

Count Egobossler, enemy of the Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman

Count Kohler, demonic enemy of Badger

Courtney Ross, girlfriend of Captain Britain

Cousin Eerie

Cowboy Gorilla

Cowman, Australian superhero from the Dollboy universe

Coyote, trickster hero

El Coyote, Spain

Crab, Web-Masters

Crabb, French hero

Crabbe's Crusaders

Cracker Bob, immortal



Craig Carter

Craig Stirling, spy, one of the Champions

O Crânio, Brazilian hero

Crash, alien heroine

Crash Britanus, Golden Age British hero

Crash Kid

Crazy Chrissie, girlfriend of D.R. Dobbs

Crazy Gang, creations of Mad Jim Jaspers


Crazy Mary, cyborg detective

Creaturas de la Noche

Creature Feature, Soulsearchers and Company


Crenson, Croyd, the Sleeper

Crime Buster

Crime Crusher, undead vigilante

Crime Genie


The Crimson Ball

Crimson Clown

Crimson Comet

Crimson Crusader

Crimson Plague

Crimson Wasp

Croft, Lara, Tomb Raider

Cronium, Brazilian hero

Crook from Outer Space, enemy of the Spider

Crossbones, Wetworks

Crossfire, the first Crossfire

Crossfire, Jay Endicott, the second Crossfire

Cross, Pellon 

Croup, Neverwhere assassin

Crow, revenant on a quest for vengeance - Eric, the original


Croyd Crenson, the Sleeper


Crusader, Golden Age

Crusader, British hero

Crusader, Love and Capes

Crusader X

Crypt Kicker, undead Ace

Cúchulainn, Irish hero

Cuckoo, ClanDestine

Cuckoo Man, Mighty Heroes

Cuervo, Jimmy, Crow

"Cupcake", assassin in Southern Knights

Cure Black, Pretty Cure

Cure White, Pretty Cure

Cursitor Doom, paranormal investigator


Custer, Jesse, Preacher

Cutey Honey, Japanese android




Cyber Force

Cyberfrog, sociopathic cybernetic amphibian


Cybersix, Argentinian genetically engineered heroine


Cyblade, member of Cyberforce

Cyclone, Quality Comics hero

Cyclone, Golden Age superhero

Cyclone, Wild Cards Ace and superhero

Cyclone, Big Bang

Cypher, sidekick to Bibleman