Captain Marvel

Real Name: None

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial android

Occupation: Ambassador to and protector off humanity

Affiliations: Billy Baxton (ward, confidant); Linda Knowles (girlfriend); Tinyman

Enemies: Plastic Man (not the Quality Comics one); Elastic Man; Tinyman; Atom-Jaw; Dr.Fate; The Bat (a.k.a. The Ray); The Terrible Five (including The Destroyer, Big Max, Tarzec)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Mr.Marvel, Roger Winkle, The Human Robot

Base of Operations: Dartmoor College, U.S.A.

First Appearance: Captain Marvel #1 (M.F. Enterprises, April, 1966)

Powers/Abilities: Able to split his body apart at the joints, and have each segment act independently, able to fly about apparently unaided. He utters the comman "Split" to separate, and must say "Xam" to join the parts back together again. He can even split off individual finger segments. However if glass is interposed between body parts and the head, which controls them, he loses control of them. He wears jet-boots, and carries an amulet around his neck containing an element "X" which keeps him energized - if this is removed from him for too long he will go into hibernation. He can switch between civilian clothes and his costume with a thought, causing them to simply fade out. He can also can shoot laser beams from his eyes, deflect bullets, emit electric shocks, an "iron constitution" and has some form of telepathy. Plus he is superintelligent - all in all, quite a collection of powers for a character with so few appearances.

History: Created by scientists on an alien planet, Captain Marvel is sent to Earth to promote and preserve peace, mere moments before the world that spawned him is destroyed in a massive explosion. His rocket lands in Riverview, where, suffering from temporary amnesia, he makes the acquaintance of Earth boy Billy Baxton

Comments: Created by Carl Burgos and Roger Elwood.

Captain Marvel's title lasted four issues, and he also appeared in two issues of Captain Marvel Presents the Terrible Five (strangley enough, numbered #1 and #5, suggesting the latter might have been a continuation of his original title).

Since the element in the amulet is called X, the amulet naturally has a large letter...M (?) emblazoned on it. Oh well.

M.F. Publishing, the company which produced this incarnation of Captain Marvel, was named after owner Myron Fass. The only other titles it produced during its short publication life were Henry Brewster (an Archie-style comic) and Great West (unsurprisingly a Western).

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