Real Name: Daniel Eaton

Identity/Class: Human, technology user

Occupation: Unemployed

Affiliations: Captain Newfoundland, Captain Freedom, Japan, Mademoiselle, Veena, Nightworld

Enemies: Remlin, Sho-Gun, Mr.Big

Known Relatives: Unnamed parents

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Montreal, Canada

First Appearance: Captain Newfoundland # 1 (1981)

Powers/Abilities: Most of Captain Canada's powers stem from his costume, which he figures is controlled either by his brainwaves or by magic (his mentor, Captain Newfoundland, has told him that both are correct). The armour can fly, even into outer space, and survive in the interstellar void. It can create a force field, and has inbuilt lasers and computer. It can turn him invisible or generate hologram doubles of him. It can turn immaterial, letting him go through walls. Without the armour Daniel still has some telepathic abilities, which he learned from Captain Newfoundland.

History: Daniel Eaton was chosen by Captain Newfoundland to become Captain Canada. The alien being gave him a suit of armour controlled by his mind, and then tutored him to become the defender of his homeland. To ensure that the new hero learned to use his powers responsibly, he only allowed the hero to access the suit's powers over time, unlocking new abilities each time Daniel proved himself worthy. Daniel rescued a kidnapped model to gain his first ability, the power of flight.

After being tutored by several cosmic beings, Captain Canada's first real test came when the Super-Mafia unleashed a giant robot, Sho-Gun, on Montreal, the city he was living in at the time. The robot was sent to kidnap Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain and her son Prince Charles, but thanks to the hero's intervention, it failed. After a prolonged battle, Captain Canada was triumphant and destroyed his opponent.

Comments: Created by Geoffrey Scott and Danny Bulanadi.

A spin-off from Scott's newpaper stip, Captain Newfoundland (Sunday Herald, 1979 to 1980), Captain Canada has proven his most successful character, appearing in comics, graphic novels and even animated cartoons.

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