The Cat

Real Name: Jacob

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Unknown

Affiliations: Unnamed priest

Enemies: Executioner

Known Relatives: Executioner (brother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown city, probably in Australia

First Appearance: Southern Aurora Comics #6 (February 1993, Southern Aurora Comics)

Powers/Abilities: The Cat was a skilled martial artist and swordsman, even before his transformation. He was also highly acrobatic. After he changed, his strength and agility were massively increased, and he gained vicious claws and fangs.

History: The Cat was a vigilante crime-fighter, often battling his own brother, a psychotic killer who called himself the Executioner. He used his knowledge of martial arts and his skill with a katana to cut crime in his home city. Things changed one night during a battle with his old nemesis. Both were putting up a good fight, unaware that they were being monitored by an alien being, who viewed their conflict as a source of entertainment. The extra-terrestrial decided to spice things up, and at a critical juncture hit both men with an energy beam which somehow transformed each one to better match their costumed personae. In the case of the Cat, much to his shock and distress, this meant he transformed into a humanoid feline. With no knowledge of how this metamorphosis occurred, and with a newer, deadlier Executioner to face, it seemed the Cat might never regain his humanity. Only time will tell.

Comments: Created by Bill Flowers.

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