Real Name: Cybersix

Identity/Class: Artificially created human, genetically engineered.

Occupation: English teacher at Meridiana High School

Affiliations: Data 7, Lucas Amato, Lori Anderson

Enemies: Dr. Von Reichter, Jose

Known Relatives: Cyber 29 (a.k.a. Data 7, brother), Dr. Von Reichter ("father")

Aliases: Adrian Seidelman

Base of Operations: Meridiana

First Appearance: Cybersix

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength and agility, skilled acrobat. Superhuman reflexes, with in-built predatory instincts. Able to see in the dark and make superhuman leaps.

History: A former Nazi, Dr. Von Reichter's genius at both biogenetics and cybernetics were matched only by his insanity. Having fled to Argentina, he created there a series of artificial lifeforms with the aim of eventually conquering the world: the 5000 strong "Cyber" series. However, he made them too well, and they proved to have free will. Unable to deal with their disobediance, when they were nine years old, he killed all but two. One, Cyber 29, had already suffered a fatal fall, and his brain had been transplanted into the body of a large black panther; this new hybrid creation was dubbed Data 7. The other, Cybersix (as suggested by the name, the Doctor's six creation in the series), escaped the cull with the help of one of the Doctor's slaves, and fled to Meridiana, "the city of the damned". Growing up, she eventually adopted a disguise to prevent the Doctor tracking her down. Knowing he would be looking for a woman, she took on the male pseudonym of Adrian Seidelman, and became an English teacher. However by night, accompanied by Data 7, with whom she had been reunited, she roams the rooftops of the city, battling Dr. Von Reichter's new monsters, and thwarting the machinations of Jose, Reichter's megalomaniacal clone "son". Like all the Doctor's creations, Cybersix is dependent on "Sustenance", a glowing green liquid; though it sickens her, she obtains her supply by draining it like a vampire from the creatures the Doctor unleashes on the city.

Comments: Created by Carlos Trillo and Carlos Meglia, Cybersix originated as an Argentinian comic strip, later being made into a live-action series and Japanese/Canadian co-production cartoon.

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