Captain Vyom

Real Name: ? Vyom

Identity/Class: Human / extra-dimensional hybrid, armed with future technology

Occupation: Defender of the the Earth and the spaceways.

Affiliations: Agent of the World Government

Enemies: Vishkanya, Sonic

Known Relatives: Dr. Om Swarup (father, brilliant scientist); unnamed mother; unnamed maternal grandfather (ruler of the parasites from the 13th Dimension)

Aliases: Sky Warrior

Base of Operations: Outer space

First Appearance: Unknown

Powers/Abilities: Yogic powers of concentration.

History: In 2220 A.D. mankind has conquered the solar system and is reaching out into space. Earth is ruled by a World Government, and space stations are established on many planets in the solar system. One of these stations is a top-security prison on Io, a moon of Jupiter. When a metorite strike hits the base, destroying the security system keeping the prisoners contained, some of the worst criminals in mankind's history break loose. The Earth Government charges it's top law enforcer, Captain Vyom, with recapturing them. Vyom was the son of one of the Earth's top scientists and the grandson of the ruler of the parasites from the 13th Dimension, a race of beings 10 million years aheads of us in civilization. He had been brought up in a monastery in Ladakh, and he had yogic powers of concentration.

Comments: Played by Milind Soman in the TV version.

Thanks to Prabal Chakravarty for providing corrections and extra information about this character, including his powers and family tree, and for providing the picture of him.

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