Real Name: Jodi Morinaka Slayton

Identity/Class: Human/ extra-terrestrial (Kherubim) hybrid

Occupation: College student

Affiliations: Stan Mooney, Special Crime Forces Officer Robert Stubbs

Enemies: Mr.Rhyme, Mr.Reason

Known Relatives: Marc Slayton (father, a.k.a. Backlash), S'lyton (grandfather, deceased), Aries (twin brother)

Aliases: Crimson

Base of Operations: Bay Area University, San Francisco

First Appearance: WildCore (Image Comics)

Powers/Abilities: Jet possesses superhuman reflexes and agility. She may also be extremely long lived, as with many Kherubim and their hybrid offspring. She generally carries a number of small shuriken, which she is skilled in using in combat conditions.

History: Raised by her mother, Jodi Slayton had never met her father. However when her mother died during Jodi's teenage years, the young girl tracked down her absent parent, discovering he was an alien superhero known as Backlash. He in turn discovered that the daughter he didn't know existed had inherited superhuman agility and an innate combat skill from him. Inspired, Jodi created her own costumed persona, Crimson, and began adventuring alongside her father and his lover, Taboo, finding her new life exciting. However the luster soon wore off as she witnessed tragedy as well as triumph. She decided to retire from being a superhero, and renewed her studies, choosing to go to Bay Area University in San Francisco.

Her retirement didn't last long, as she soon got caught up in a series of adventures in a new identity, Jet, and became romantically involved with Special Crime Forces Officer Robert Stubbs, battling enemies such as Mr.Rhyme and Mr.Reason.

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