Captain Wonder

Real Name: Bob Victor

Identity/Class: Magically transformed human.

Occupation: "Charming good for nothing playboy"

Affiliations: Police Commissioner Watt, Speed Savage (White Mask), the old Yogi

Enemies: Satan, Sin Lee the Asian Narcotics King, Dr. Frank N. Stein, the Wizard (a Nazi agent), Lou Gorcey (a mobster), Mind Master

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Champion of Right

Base of Operations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

First Appearance: Triumph Comics #7 (Bell Features, May 1942)

Powers/Abilities: He has the strength of 100 men, grear wisdom, moves with the swiftness of chain lightning, can fly, swim like a fish and is bullet-proof.

History: Bob Victor's parents were killed by a criminal and he was raised by and old Yogi for twenty years in the old Temple of Aidni in the Himalyas. The Yogi called upon three ancient gods to aid Bob in his desire to return to Canada "to exterminate malignant doers." The three gods granted him powers and he started his super hero career as Captain Wonder.

Comments: Created, written and drawn by Ross Saakel.

Speed Savage teamed up with Captain Wonder in Triumph Comics #18 (1944) after a competition asking readers to suggest new stories for Speed was won by a fan who requested a crossover with the other hero.

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