Crypt Kicker

Real Name: Billy Joe Puckett

Identity/Class: Undead human mutate (Ace)

Occupation: Government agent, formerly small time criminal

Affiliations: Carnifex

Enemies: Captain Trips

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Wild Card 11: Dealer's Choice

Powers/Abilities: Undead, thus hard to kill and resistant to damage. Superhuman strength. Excretes toxic chemicals and acids from his palms.

History: Racist and religious, redneck Billy Joe Puckett engaged on a sniper rifle killing spree one day, before shooting half of his own face off rather than be captured. However Billy Joe had been infected with the Wild Card Virus, which activated when he did this, reviving his corpse into a semblance of life. He was taken into government custody, and codenamed Crypt Kicker; retaining only rudimentary intelligence (either because of his demise or because he shot out a chunk of his brains), his uses were limited to being a "blunt instrument" suitable for sending into battle alongside more flexible agents such as Carnifex, who reluctantly found himself partnered with the decomposing agent on several occasions.

Comments: Created by Chip Wideman.

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