Capitan Novara

Real Name: Luca Ferrari

Identity/Class: Human Mutate

Occupation: Insurance agent

Affiliations: Angela Della Torre (Luca Ferrari's girlfriend), Agente Smithers, Vco Force (a team of three other super heroes: Verbanium, Cusio Woman, Ossolom), Commissario Gianfranco, Croce Bianca, Babbo Natale (Santa Claus), Gismondo (Novara's castle ghost), Aigor, Sfighino (Capitan Novara's cat)

Enemies: Rospo Rosso, Mostro delle Risaie, Golem F451, Triade Cinese del Drago D'oro, Dark Dragon

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Cap, Capitano, Fulmine Rosso, Angelo della Cupola

Base of Operations: Novara (Northen Italy, near Milan) and nearest cities and territories (for the moment)

First Appearance: July 2004 (on publicity fliers - I think. The translation I have is "publicitary american little tableclothes")

Powers/Abilities: He acquire his powers from "Raggi Nova" (Nova's Rays) when he fell in a radioactive paddy field - He can fly and he has a Super-kick - His most strong powers are "Colpo Super Nova" and "Cento Colpi Nova"

History: As a child Luca Ferrari fell into a radioactive paddy field, which granted him superhuman powers, and as an adult he became Capitan Navara to protect his home town and surrounding parts of Italy. The city and territory of Novara (Italy) are at the centre of many battles for those seeking power through conquest, such as the super criminal Rospo Rosso, whose criminal organization seeks to conquer Novara, then Italy, and ultimately the whole world. Working with the C.I.A. and their alien agent Smithers, who spent many years as a prisoner in Rosso's secret labs, Capitan Novara fights to prevent Rospo Rosso from achieving his dreams of domination. But there are many other enemies with similar ambitions, and Capitan Novara and C.I.A., with their allies Vco Force and Croce Bianca, stand in opposition to them all!

Comments: Capitan Novara ® - Created by Fabrizio De Fabritiis - © Emmetre Service S.a.s. The comics of Capitan Novara are drawn by Fabrizio De Fabritiis. From the Episode 5 colors by Daniele Rudoni ( The Special Episodes “La Mano Nera” and “Capitan Natale” are drawn and colored by Daniele Rudoni. The Adventures of Capitan Novara are published by Emmetre Service in Novara and nearest territories.

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