Real Name: L.D. Cadwaller

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Landowner

Affiliations: None

Enemies: DNAgents

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Florida

First Appearance: DNAgents #15 (Eclipse, 1984)

Powers/Abilities: Cadaver can fire powerful blasts of energy. He can also mutate animals, turning them into ferocious giant versions of their species under his control. He needs to have access to Regeneratum to power both of these abilities. He is remarkable strong and durable, and can quickly heal from most wounds if in contact with Regeneratum. His nails are claw-like.

History: In the late 1800s New York gentleman L.D. Cadwaller invested his entire life savings purchasing thirty acres of "prime" Florida real estate from an untrustworthy Chicago real estate tycoon, desperate to move out from the city he had spent his entire life in and settle down as a landowner in greener pastures. However, when he arrived at his new property, he discovered it was largely underwater and covered in dense swamps. Enraged, he returned to New York, and strangled the seller to death. Tried and sentenced to death, he made a final request, to be buried on his land, but on the way to the gallows, he suffered a heart attack, and dropped into a deathlike coma. In accordance to his wishes, he was buried on one of the few dry patches on his property.

Sustained by Regeneratum, a mysterious and apparently radioactive substance that permeated his land, Cadwaller slept for decades, until he partially awoke in 1947. Only vaguely aware of the passage of time, a few decades later, in 1968, he heard the Matrix Corporation building a plant above him. In 1982 the lid of his coffin finally rotted away enough for him to start digging his way out, and a hundred years to the day he had bought the land, he re-emerged. To Cadaver, the Matrix Corporation and its operatives, the DNAgents, were trespassers, ones he was determined to drive off.

Comments: Created by Mark Evanier and Richard Howell.


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