Chance Falconer

Real Name: Chance Falconer

Identity/Class: Normal human girl with sporadic occult training

Occupation: Schoolgirl, occult investigator

Affiliations: Lucas Falconer; St. George (miniature dragon companion); Hobbs (the butler of the Falconer family and former officer's batman). Margo Vela (police officer in the Devil's Echo Police Department); Will Bendix (Investigative journalist for Devil's Echo Oracle newspaper).

Enemies: Duncan Bell (brother of Miles Belloc who killed her mother); Beehive (criminal gang using occultism); Captain Hitch (ghost pirate)

Known Relatives: Lucas Falconer (father); Louise Falconer (mother, deceased); Falconer ancestors

Aliases: None known.

Base of Operations: Devil's Echo, U.S.A.

First Appearance: Leave it to Chance # 1 (Homage, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: Although Chance Falconer has no superhuman powers, she has a little training in fisticuffs and at least working knowledge of the occult - without any magic of her own. She is a resourceful girl with a sharp mind and quick reflexes - enough to get away from grown men trying to catch her.

History: Devil's Echo is an US city on the East Coast of America. A city where there are goblins in the sewers. A city where mobsters can turn their henchmen into troggs, superstrong goons that are immune to normal firearms. A city where criminal gangs can use magic. A city the Falconer family has protected from numerous mystic threats ever since it was founded.

Chance Falconer is a 13-year old girl and the latest progeny of the Falconer bloodline. She is a daughter of occult investigator Lucas Falconer, a city celebrity. Lucas Falconer is rather protective of his daughter, especially because his wife - and Chance's mother - was killed during one of his investigations. Although Chance expected to become his trainee, just like all the other descendants when they came of age, Lucas was determined to let the tradition skip one generation so he could train his grandson to follow his footsteps. Despite this, Chance has investigated things on her own and even saved the city from a Toad God in her father's absence. Regardless of her father's attempts to shield her, the trouble tends to find her wherever she goes - and she is not the kind of girl to run away from it. She always promises her father to keep out of trouble. Fat Chance for that.

Comments: Created by James Robinson and Paul Smith.

Profile by Vesa Lehtinen.

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