Count Egobossler

Real Name: Helm Egobossler

Identity/Class: Human, technology user.

Occupation: Former bodyguard, now leader of criminal organisation

Affiliations: Leader of the villainous Gallacter organisation; servant of Sosai Z; Mechandol, Kempeler (his lieutenants)

Enemies: Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman

Known Relatives: Cassary Egobossler (father, deceased); unnamed mother (maidservant, deceased); Cassary Egobossler (half-brother, initially imprisoned, later deceased)

Aliases: Happyboy (English name - because he laughs so much); Cassary Egobossler

Base of Operations: Europe

First Appearance: Kagaku Ninja Tai Gatchaman Season 3 (a.k.a. Gatchaman Fighter or Gatchaman F, 1979)

Powers/Abilities: Strategic genius. Skilled fencer. Masksman. Commands his own small army of high tech mercenaries.

History: Egobossler is the third person to lead Gallacter, replacing the defeated Katse and Gel Sadra. Originally named Helm, he was the illegitimate son of Cassary Egobossler, a minor European noble. Unaware of his true parentage, he grew up to be his father's bodyguard. But when Cassary broke his arm, Helm was blamed and beaten as punishment; when his mother tried to intervene, Cassary beat her to death. As she died, she revealed to Helm his true parentage.

The traumatised Helm dyed his skin blue and bleached his hair in an attempt to alter his appearance to look less like his hated parent, and created the masked identity of Egobossler. He killed his father and imprisoned his brother (but not before the latter gave him a scar down his left cheek with a knife), stealing his identity and title.

Egobossler gathered together the remains of the organisation after their devastating defeat at the hands of the Gatchaman tea, and combined with his own disciplined troops, he soon gained control of much of Europe. The Gatchaman team was dispatched to confront him, and initially make short work of his army, but their attack is blunted by the arrival of a giant mecha controlled by the surviving remnants of Sosai X (which will become known as Z). Having driven off Gatchaman, Z made an alliance with Egobossler, formally granting him control of Gallacter.

After several attacks on the Gatchaman team, one of Egobossler's aides, Kempeler, betrayed him and tried to free his half-brother. Although Egobossler was briefly captured, this attempt to overthrow him ended in the death of the real Cassary, the destruction of the Gatchaman headquarters, and the capture and subsequent murder of Nambu, the Gatchaman team's civilian liason and friend. Egobossler even turned up at Nambu's funeral, and danced on his victim's grave.

Not long after this Egobossler discovered that Z intended to destroy the Earth with an asteroid strike. He led his men to attack Z's stronghold, and died in the attempt.

Comments: Voiced by Nakada Koji.

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