The Computer Warrior

Real Name: Robert "Bobby" Patterson

Identity/Class: Human mutated by technology (? - unsure how to define it. His powers are innate, but while they look virtually magical, they all stem from the technological computer realm)

Occupation: Computer Warlord

Affiliations: Martin French

Enemies: The Nightmare Zone

Known Relatives: Unnamed mother

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Computer Realm

First Appearance: Eagle (1986)

Powers/Abilities: So long as he had practised a game in the real world, Bobby would find he had the skill of the character he was playing when he entered the cyber-world. When he became the Computer Warlord, he gained the ability to manipulate the computer environment and to enter and leave it at will, without having to use the code. He could also allow others to access the realm.

History: When Bobby Patterson's friend Martin French vanished one day everyone was worried about him. But then Bobby discovered that his friend was trapped inside his computer (these days we'd call it cyberspace), after discovering the code for the real life facility. The only way for Bobby to free him was to complete a certain number of games himself using the code; but failure would mean he would join his friend trapped in the nightmare zone.

Bobby adventured for months, being given scant warning by the Computer Warlord, the mysterious being who ruled the games realm, of when and where he would next play for his and his friend's life. Each time a new game was announced, Bobby would have to desperately practice it, for soon he would play it for real.

Eventually Bobby managed to rescue his friend, but the Warlord explained that the reason for all the trials was because he had been trying to find a champion to battle the forces of the Nightmare Zone, which were threatening to break out into the real world. Bobby became one a seventeen "qualified" Computer Warriors who now began a final contest to find that champion - but loss of a single game would mean permanent banishment into the Zone. Participation was not optional - the Warlord could materialise at any time and in any place to drag his warriors into the game world.

Bobby won through in the end, and ended the threat of the Nightmare Zone spreading. One day he was summoned again by the Warlord, who revealed that he was dying now, and that Bobby had been chosen as his successor, whether he desired the job or not.

Comments: Jim Croasdale informs me that the artists whose work you can see on this page were:

Black and white pictures - Mike Dorey

Colour art  - Mike Western


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