Daak, Abslom, The Dalek Killer


Daemon, supervirus

Daenon Merrick


Dagampatay, Filipino rat-man

Dai Thomas, police detective, ally of Captain Britain and Knights of Pendragon

Dakota Kid, Atlas Comics cowboy

Dakota Kid, Marvel Comics cowboy

Dalek Killer, Abslom Daak


Dalton, New Statesman

Damaskinos, vampire elder

Dan Bar-On, Profil 107

Dancer, Cynosure crimelord, former gladiator in the arena, and foe of Grimjack

Dancing Queen, Discotronic Funk Commando

Dan Dare, the most influential and successful of Britain's comic strip space heroes

Dan Dare, 2000A.D. version of the Eagle comic character above

The Dandy, Actionfolksinger foe

Dane, Leader of Wetworks in the Image universe

Dani-Din, Israeli invisible boy

Danger Girl, Special unit of top female secret agents led by Deuce

Danger Man, Beano hero, taken by aliens and turned into a superman

Dangermouse, top British secret agent - who just happens to be a mouse

Danger Twins, young British heroes


Daniels, Bryan, the Southern Knights' housekeeper

Danner, Hugo, the inspiration for Superman, Captain America, Doc Savage, etc

Danny, superfast member of the Next Men

Danny Doom, timelost teenage mage

Danny Franks, member of Bad Company and leader of the second incarnation of same

Danny Phantom, teenage ghostly hero

Danny's Tranny, magical item owned by Danny Wilson

Danny Wilson, owner of Danny's Tranny

Danvers, Lord, 19th century necromancer

Daredevil, Golden Age hero

Darien Fawkes, invisible man and secret agent

The Daring Dragoon, fighting the forces of Napoleon

The Dark, immortal martial artist superhero

Dark Angel, genetically engineered soldier on the run

Dark Assassin

Dark Avenger, Atlas comics vigilante



Dark Guyver


Darklon, Warren sorcerer

Darkman, scarred hero

Dark Nebula, Australian hero

Darkness, Top Cow dark hero

Dark Ninja, Canada-based Japanese assassin

Darkon, foe of Flare

Dark Stranger, Australian vigilante

Darkwing Duck, Disney hero

Darna, Filipino heroine and national icon

The Dart, Golden Age hero

Dart, Black Scorpion's partner

Darth Tyrannus, Sith Knight

Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith

Dartman, Canadian Golden Age hero

The Dash

Dash the Avenger, Golden Age hero

Datu, ally of the Sandugo

Datu, member of Pintados

Dave Dragavon, son of a dragon

Davey, sidekick of Magno


David Harstein, member of the Four Aces

David Keel

Davies, Tru, Tru Calling

Dawkins, Tommy, werewolf

Dawn, Goddess of Birth and Rebirth

Dawson, Peter, Rising Stars

Dax the Warrior

Deacon, Golden Age hero

The Deacon

Deadbeats, vampire tearaways

The Dead Emperor

Dead-Eye Dick, member of the Secret Seven

Deadhead, Wild Card Ace

Deadlander, undead gunslinger

Deadlock, ABC Warrior


Death Angel





Death's Head, Freelance Peacekeeping Agent

Death's Head II

Deathless Men

Death Maiden

Death Mark



Death's Dark Angel, foe of Eagle

Death, Simon, foe of Nick Jolly


Death Syndicate, Serbian supervillains



Decepticons, evil Transformers

Dee Dee, Teen Angel

Defecatrix, enemy of Foodang

The Defender, Golden Age hero

Defenders of the Earth, alliance of newspaper strip heroes

Defex, Aftermath heroes

deLauro, Emma, member of Mutant X

Delphi, member of Hero Alliance

Demane, Lionel


Demian Hunter

Demise, Wild Card Ace


Demolitia, member of the Unholy Alliance

Demon, member of Justice Machine

Demon, ally of Cat and Mouse

Demona, Gargoyles

Demon Dwarf, German scientist


Demon Hunter

Demonskin, Australian character

Denby Jilks, enemy of Tom Strong

Denis Nayland-Smith, foe of Fu Manchu


Dent, Arthur, last survivor of Earth


Derickson Dene, super inventor


Desperate Dan, U.K. humour character

Destello, Mexican heroine

Destiny, Quality Comics hero

Destroyer, Timely Comics hero

The Destroyer, Remo Williams, government assassin

Destroyer, giant monster from the Godzilla movies

Destroyer Duck, fowl seeking vengeance against Godcorp

Destroying Demon, Quality Comics spy

Destructor, Atlas Comics hero


Detective Zed, robotic cop


Deuce, founder of Danger Girl

Devastador, Brazilian hero


Devil, Italian hero

Devil Dog


Devilman, demonic Japanese hero

Devilman Lady

Devil's Dagger



Devlin Waugh, vampiric agent of the Vatican

Dexter, partner of Sinister

Dexter, insane genius child


Dhalua Strong, wife of Tom Strong

Dharma, Shadow Cabinet leader


Diabla, Australian demon

Diablo, enemy of Tim Kelly

Diablo, enemy of King Cobra

Diablo, Chilean hero

Diabolik, Italian anti-hero

Dialling Man

Diamond, Powers

Diamond Jack

Diamond Jim

Diamond Lil, member of Omega Flight

Diana the Huntress, Golden Age heroine and goddess

Diana Dauntless, partner of Jack Justice

Diaper Man, Mighty Heroes

Diceman, occult private investigator

Dick Demon

Dick Tracy, newpaper strip detective

Dick Turpin, English highwayman

Dicky, partner of the Lone Warrior

Die Fledermaus, ally of the Tick


Diggers, Gina, a.k.a. Gold Digger

Digit, British hero

Digitek, British electronic hero


Dingo, member of the Southern Squadron

Dijit, Jack Kirby's TeenAgent

Dimensioneer, Big Bang hero

Dina Din, Israeli invisible girl

Dirge, zombie

Dirty Trixie, student at Hero High


Disappearing Trix, British teenager able to turn invisible

Disastro, enemy of Johnny Future

Disc Man, member of the Mysterymen

Disco Inferno, arch foe of the Discotronic Funk Commandos

The Discotronic Funk Commandos, Groovy superheroes

Dishman, Canadian hero

DI13, Filipino secret agent

Diva, Stormwatch

Diva, Force 7

Diviner, member of the Justice Machine

Division 13

Diwata, member of the Sandugo

Diwata, member of the Pintados

D.J. Chill, member of Black Flag

DMZ, member of the Blood Syndicate

Doc Brass, Planetary ally

Doc Creepy, monster hunter

Doc Croc, enemy of Jamie Braddock

Doc Danger, leader of Danger International

Doc Hawk, Phenomes

Doc Horror, leader of the Nocturnals

Doc Savage

Doc Savage, Street and Smith's comic book character, named for their pulp hero, but distinct from him

Doc Sidhe

Doc Strange

Doc Terror, enemy of the Centurions

The Doctor, Time Lord renegade

The Doctor, Authority

Dr. Arcane, ally of the League of Champions

Dr.Arcane, by Darren Clarke

Dr Augustus Furst, member of the First Family

Dr. Bedlam, foe of the Magnate

Dr.Beat, father of Zenith

Dr Buick Riviera, Badger foe

Doctor Danger

Doctor Danger, above's successor

Dr. Darkness, Centaur hero

Dr Deseret

Dr Destine


Dr Draino

Dr Droll

Dr Eclipse, Zzed

Doctor Eclipse, Valiant

Dr.Event Horizon Man, Actionfolksinger character

Dr.Fear, enemy of Tempest and Silver Dollar

Doctor Frost


Dr Gargunza, foe of Marvelman

Doctor Gratz, the Demon Dwarf

Dr.Heller, Mysterymen ally

Doctor Ice

Dr. Jekyll, alter ego of Mr.Hyde


Dr. Manhattan

Doctor Meggido

Dr Mensana, Australian hero

Dr Mesmer, British collector of Egyptian artifacts who commanded a deadly mummy servant


Doctor Mirage

Doctor Mordius

Dr. Moreau, creature of animal/human hybrids

Doctor Morg


Dr Mysterioso

Dr. Mystic

Dr Nemesis, Golden age hero

Dr Nemesis, Doctor Who villain

Dr. Nikola, Victorian era supervillain

Dr No, Canadian hero

Doctor O, boss of the O-Men

Doctor Odd

Doctor Permafrost, enemy of Tom Strong

Doctor Radius, Mexican hero

Dr Rune, opponent of the Maze Agency

Dr Satan

Dr. Saturday, Astro City villain

Doctor Sin, foe of the occult

Doctor Sin, foe of the occult

Dr Sivana



Dr.Stellar, Big Bang hero

Dr.Sugarman, foe of Xombi

Dr Syn, Scarecrow of Romney Marsh

Dr. Synne, agent of Mastermind

Dr. Synthe, Golden Age hero

Doctor Tachyon, creator of the Wild Card virus


Doctor Thunder, I

Doctor Thunder, II

Dr Tome, robotics supervillain

Dr Trips, Ace who takes drugs to assume a variety of superpowered personae

Dr.Tuolema, Strikeforce: Morituri

Dr Watson, partner of Sherlock Holmes

Dr.Weird, Big Bang Comics

Doctor Zeus, ally of the Futurians

Doctor Zroa, Israeli hero

Doktor Nemir, Serbian hero

Dofan, member of the Seraphim

Doga, Indian vigilante

Dogbrain, lupine member of Bad Company

Dogg, canine member of the Blood Syndicate

Doll, Vampires Unlimited

Dollar Bill, Minutemen

Dollboy, Australian hero

Doll Girl

The Dollmaster, British supervillain

Dolmann, British hero who works with a variety of robotic dolls

Dolmen, Spanish hero

Dollman, shrinking Golden Age hero


Dominion, British Small Press heroine

Domino, member of Black Flag

Domino Lady

Donatello, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Donner, member of the Shadow Cabinet

Donovan's Dad, superstrong father

Don Starr

Don Weiderman, Bats, Cats and Cadillacs

Don Z

Doodle, partner of Yank

Doomlord, Giver of Life,...Bringer of Death!

Doomsday +1

Doomstalker, cyborg foe of the Brute

Door, denizen of London Below

Dorfinkley, Maria, ally of Fish Lecan

Dorgan, Ron, foe of the Badger

Dormouse, member of Earth-238's Crazy Gang

Dot, Reboot

Dot, New Wave

Dotty Virvelvind, Swedish heroine

Double, Alison, friend of Betsy Braddock, telepath and former member of the STRIKE Psi Division

Double Faced Man, Chinese hero

Doug Malone, French telepath

Douwe Dabbert, Dutch hero

Downtime, Elementals ally

Dozer, member of Wetworks

D.R., alien delinquent

Drac de Ferro, Spanish armoured superhero

Dracula, Bram Stoker's

Dracula, Dell Comics

Drago, cowboy from French comics

Dragon, Quality Comics' Golden Age hero

Dragon, Savage 

Dragon, Southern Knights

Dragon, foe of the Dark

Dragon, member of the Potentate

Dragon, leader of Dragon's Claws

Dragon, Atlas / Seaboard

The Dragon, Charlton villain

Dragon's Claws, mercenaries in the far future

Dragonfly, Americomics heroine

Dragonforce, team of heroes with dragon powers

Dragonna, Filipino heroine

Drak, vampire leader of the Drak Pack

Drake, ghost assassin

Drak Pack, team of teenage monsters

Dravagon, Dave, immature dragon

Draven, Eric, The Crow

Dread, enemy of the Southern Knights

Dreadlocks, servant of the Gods of Alkebulan

Dreadstar, destroyer of universes


Dream, Morpheus, Lord of Dreams

The Dreamer, Canadian Golden Age hero

Dreamweaver, member of the Crusaders

Dreidel Maidel, member of the Jewish Hero Corps

Dredd, top Judge in the futuristic Mega City One

Dror Hagibor, Israeli hero

Druid, Marvel character

The Drummer, member of Planetary

Drunken Monkey, possessing a furious fist

D-Struct, ally of Static

Duckula, vegetarian vampire duck


el Duende

Duke of Darkness, ghostly Golden Age hero

Dukse Drengen, Danish superhero

Dundee, Hannah

Dungeons & Dragons

Dunn, David, Unbreakable

Dupree, Twigs

Durham Red, mutant vampire

Dusk, ally of Static

Dust Devil

Dusty, partner of the Shield

The Dutchman, foe of Remo Williams

DV-8, delinquent superteens

The Dwarf, diminutive British supervillain

Dylan Dog, Italian detective and supernatural magnet

Dyna Girl, first

Dyna Girl, second

Dynamic Boy

Dynamic Man

Dynamite Thor

Dynamo, Golden age hero

Dynamo, Electro foe

Dynamo, THUNDER Agent

Dynamo, member of Codename: Strikeforce


Dynomutt, cybernetic supermutt

Dyesebel, Filipino mermaid