Blake Edmonds, Deathwish

Real Name: Blake Edmonds.

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: former Racing car driver; later investigator, adventurer

Affiliations: Suzi Walsh

Enemies: Dracula

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Active worldwide

First Appearance: Speed #1 (I.P.C., 23 February 1980 - 80); Tiger (1980-85), Eagle (1985-?)

Powers/Abilities: Blake is extremely fit and is totally fearless, feeling he has nothing to lose. He appears to have a natural affinity to the supernatural.

History: Blake Edmonds was  once the world motor racing champion, the "handsome superhero of British sport". He was successful, women loved him, and the world was his oyster.

Then came the plane crash. Most of his face was burned away, leaving him with hideous scars. Rather than let his face become a cheap headline in the tabloids, he took to wearing a mask to cover his disfigurement. With no will left to live, he considered suicide, but decided that was for cowards. Instead he started doing every crazy stunt he could find, figuring that he had nothing to lose and that sooner or later the odds would catch up with him.

Eventually Blake started dating a woman named Suzi Walsh, who loved him in spite of his appearance. He began to branch out with his deadly hobby, taking on any job that might kill him. This in turn resulted in some of his most bizarre adventures yet, as he and Suzi faced ghosts, were turned into giants by scientific experiments gone wrong, and even took on the Prince of Darkness himself, Dracula.

Comments: Created by Barrie Tomlinson and Vanyo. Thanks to Jim Croasdale for informing me of the latter.

Rebellion bought the rights to Death Wish, along with hundreds of other Fleetway series, in 2016, and Blake is due to return again in August 2018's The Vigilant, as part of a new Rebellionverse superhero team.


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