Devilman Lady

Real Name: Jun Fudo

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: School teacher (fashion model in the Anime version)

Affiliations: Ran Asuka, the Human Alliance

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: Professor Fudo (scientist), Hikaru (brother)

Aliases: Devilwoman (Devilman Lady is apparently the correct translation, but I've also seen her called this).

Base of Operations: Japan

First Appearance: Devilman Lady (Comic Morning, 1997)

Powers/Abilities: Her powers include heightened physical and mental capabilities, flight, and the ability to transform into a gigantic "combat mode".

History: When nature starts to fight back against mankind through "Devil Beast Syndrome", a disease which transforms people into murderous, cannabilistic, and demonic beasts, scientist Professor Fudo takes the precaution of genetically modifying a number of people, his school teacher daughter Jun among them, so that if they become infected, they will be able to retain their human minds.

While her father is overseas, he gives Jun her younger brother, Hikaru, to look after. On a school trip to the forests, Jun begins to experience bizarre nightmares. Then a group of demons, masquerading as martial arts students, attack the chalet where Jun and her pupils are staying. Jun is caught, and the demons begin to sexually assault her. This seems to initiate a transformation in Jun, and she assumes a demonic form of her own. Killing her attackers, she gathers her surviving pupils to protect them. Shortly afterwards a woman called Ran Asuka turns up, claiming it is she who awoke the demon in Jun. Ran belongs to a group called the Human Alliance, who hope to stem the tide of demon attacks by using one of their own against them. Later her father explains to Jun about the disease, and his hope that Jun can use her new form to protect humanity from further demons until a way to end the plague can be found.

Jun in human formComments: Created by Go Nagai. Devilman Lady was a reworking of his earlier Devilman concept. Starting as a manga, it was turned into a 26-part anime series in 1998.

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