Guyver III

Real Name: Agito Makashima

Identity/Class: Cyborg

Occupation: School pupil

Affiliations: Guyver, Transforming Beastmaster

Enemies: Gyro, Aptom, Arkanfel, Enzyme, Chronos,Genzo Makashima

Known Relatives: Genzo Makashima (uncle, adoptive father), unnamed father (deceased), unnamed mother (deceased)

Aliases: Dark Guyver, Shadow Guyver, Zeus

Base of Operations: Japan

First Appearance: Shonen Captain (manga, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Agito is highly intelligent, and a consumate schemer. He is a skilled fighter, better than Guyver I.

Agito is symbiotically bonded to a Guyver unit, an living alien artifact capable of transforming him from his human body into a powerful armoured cyborg in the space of seconds. The armour which covers the host is stored in a sub-dimension when not at use, available in an instant with a telepathic command. It will then materialise around its user, destroying anything that is in the way (clothes, people holding on to the host, restraints, etc).

The Guyver armour grants Agito increased strength and endurance. It also gave him a high level of protection from most weapons. The Guyver armour comes equipped with a number of weapons, including infrared laser blaster, a vibration sword, a pressure cannon, and a "mega smasher". It also is equipped with a gravity control globe (Gravitonic Generator Orb) which allows the Guyver to fly. All these weapons are powered by the host's own bio-energy (which also feeds the Unit itself). If the host is badly injured, or even killed, the Unit is capable of regenerating him from whatever remains are available, since the Control Medal which regulates the armour maintains a record of the host's genetic structure. However if that Medal is destroyed, the bio-organisms which draw power from the host will run riot, and literally eat the host alive.

Agito can communicate with other Guyvers telepathically, using the organism on his back.

History: Genzo Makashima, Japanese branch chief of the Chronos Corporation wanted to have a son and heir. Rather than go about it the normal way, he instead drove his brother bankrupt, and then agreed to help him out of his financial dire straits in return for his nephew, Agito. His brother reluctantly agreed, but the loss of her son killed Agito's mother, and soon after his father committed suicide. Agito was brought up as Genzo's son and heir, but never stopped hating his adoptive father, or his company, Chronos. He set up his own private organization dedicated to overthrowing Chronos,  using the codename Zeus, after the Greek god who overthrew his father Chronos to gain rulership of the universe.

In his last few years at high school, he managed to obtain one of Chronos' Guyver units, and after two others had publically activated, he used the unit to become the superhuman known as Guyver 3 (or sometimes Dark Guyver, given his attitude and actions, plus his armour's colouration). He fought alongside the first Guyver on a number of occasions, although his predecessor never discovered his true identity (ironic, as both were going to school together). For a while he maintained his contacts within Chronos, but eventually his treachery towards them was discovered. During a period when Shô, Guyver I, was incapacitated and his unit was healing him, two of Shô's friends, Mizuki and Tetsuro, were captured. Agito rescued them, and then after Shô awoke from his regenerative coma, the two Guyvers destroyed Chronos Japan and their zoanoid research base. The company's other branches in other parts of the world remained operational though.

Working with Shô has mellowed him slightly - his own ambitions for power have waned, and he has stopped seeing everyone around him as a pawn to be used in his fight. However his hatred of Chronos is as strong as ever, and it seems he still doesn't view Shô as a friend, merely a convenient ally in his private war.

Comments: Created by Yoshiki Takaya.

Agito is 17 years old and the adopted son of the former head of Chronos Japan.

Thanks to both Deoain Daniel Dominique and "Vepaot" for correcting my mistake about where this character first appeared. Deoain also notes that "Guyver 3 first revealed himself to Guyver 1 in episode 3, "Mysterious Shadow - Guyver 3". Then in episode 4 "Attack of the Hyper Zoanoid - Team 5", he officially revealed himself to the Chronos Corporation. In episode 10 "Haunted Village" his secret identity was finally discovered by Dr Balcus. Episode 5 is Called "Death of the Guyver", and it was episode 6 that was called "Terminal Battle - The Fall of Chronos Japan"." Vepaot mentions that "Guyver 3 rescued Mizuki from the hyper Zoanoid." Thanks to David Anderson for informing me of his alias Zeus and the reason he used that name.

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