Golden Warrior

Real Name:



Affiliations: Vanguard of Freedom


Known Relatives: Teresa, Olga, Tomas and Philip.

Aliases: Die Kriegerin, Death Maiden

Base of Operations:

First Appearance:


History: Originally manipulated to be an agent of the Nazis under the name "die Kriegerin", this Valkyrie-like superhuman attempted to assassinate Churchill, earning her second name, Death Maiden, a label Fleet Street continued to use with some conscious sense of irony even after she turned against the Nazis. To the Americans she was the Golden Warrior, which was the name she certainly came to prefer. She defected and became a member of the Vanguard of Freedom. Years later she would once again fall under Nazi influence, and be used to provide a group of Nazi scientists with superhuman children to start a new master-race: Teresa, Olga, Tomas and Philip.

Comments: Thanks to Dennis Mallonee for informing me of most of the details of Golden Warrior's origins and differing names.


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