Drake of the 99 Dragons

Real Name: Drake

Identity/Class: Ghost

Occupation: Assassin

Affiliations: The Clan of 99 Dragons, The Master of the 99 Dragons Clan (mentor)

Enemies: Tang, Ghost Assassin

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Neo Macau City

First Appearance: Drake of the 99 Dragons (Idol)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled contract killer, expert with weapons and hand-to-hand combat. Undead.

History: Drake is a contract killer/assassin for the Clan of 99 Dragons, trained by the master of the clan and used to track down and kill some of Neo Macau City's triad-style gang leaders. When his enemy Tang sent the Ghost Assassin ( from the spirit world) and some reanimated cyborgs (powered by human souls) after Drake, he is killed, only to discover that a tattoo his master gave him is sentient, and brings him back as a vengeful ghost.

Comments: Created by Stefan Ljungqvist (story and script), Johan Egerkrans (art) and Marcus Thorell. The character seems to have been created for a computer game, but debuted in comic format first, in a title published by Idol, a company based in Stockholm, Sweden - however the title was in English, and printed in the same format as US comics, presumably to aid saleability.

Thanks to Paul Muir for information and images.

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