Danger Girl

Membership: Abbey Chase, Sydney Savage, "Silicon" Valerie

former Natalia Kassle

Purpose: To battle Nazi terrorists and carry out missions on behalf of Deuce

Affiliations: Deuce (their boss), Johnny Barracuda, Secret Agent Zero

Enemies: The Hammer Syndicate, Major Maxium

Base of Operations: Unknown - the team is active across the world, but I'm unsure where they base themselves.

First Appearance: Danger Girl Preview Exclusive #1 (Cliffhanger, an Image Comics imprint, 1997)

History: When it was discovered that a neo-Nazi organisation calling itself the Hammer Syndicate was plotting world domination, retired MI-6 agent Deuce gathered together a group of beautiful women, each with specialist skills, and formed Danger Girl, his own team of operatives dedicated to stopping the Syndicate and threats like it.

During their missions the team has often worked alongside the suave CIA agent known as Johnny Barracuda, and recieved assistance from the mysterious and masked "Secret Agent Zero".

Comments: Danger Girl was created by J. Scott Campbell.

As well as a variety of comic mini-series, Danger Girl has also been adapted to become a Playstation game.

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