The Dandy

Real Name: Beverly Swisington

Identity/Class: Normal human, technology user

Occupation: Super villain

Affiliations: None

Enemies: American Knight, anyone with bad manners

Known Relatives: Unnamed mother and father

Aliases: The Wilde One

Base of Operations: Southern California

First Appearance: Actionfolksinger#2

Powers/Abilities: The Dandy is an Olympic level athlete. He is a superb fighter and a world class fencer. He is a criminal genius. If not for his compulsion to always follow proper etiquette he’d be a real threat.

He employs in his adventures a variety of high tech equipment. Among the ones most used are bulletproof waist coat, a monocle that has image enhancing as well as a heads up display fed by a computer in his top hat that responds to voice commands, A broach that emits a blinding flash of light, and finally a handsome walking cane that come equipped with a variable electrical charge capable of incapacitating most organic beings.

History: Beverly was a lad saddled with an unfortunate name, made all the more so after his parents had a particularly ugly divorce. His mother was left penniless and as such was forced to move with her sickly son of nine out of their posh gated community and into south central Los Angeles. The teasing and bullying of poor Beverly was merciless and served to make him a bone deep racist. Instead of embracing the cultural diversity around him he retreated into Oscar Wilde plays and Gilbert and Sullivan Operettas and penny dreadfuls. To defend himself he forced his body to become stronger and more agile almost on force of will alone. Since many of the people who abused him were criminals he decided to be better then them. Not just to be better than them but to show them that his culture was superior. So he adopted the identity of the Dandy and began his career as a super villain.

He was quite successful until he ran afoul of American Knight who discovered the Dandy compulsively followed an antique code of etiquette, and as long as he knew the rules the Dandy could always be defeated. Now you’d think that the Dandy would simply switch tactics, but no, he compulsively has to prove that he’s the better man. He believes the better man can win without changing the rules. And that is his greatest weakness.

To illustrate this point in his most recent appearance he was defeated by Actionfolksinger, who employing proper rules of etiquette, managed to defeat the Dandy despite the fact that AFS is shorter, weaker, and fatter.

Comments: Created by Enrique Acosta, who also supplied the above profile. He notes "Basically I created the character as sort of my take on super villain pathology. Why do they always have to follow certain rules? Well I don't think I really answered the quesiton but he was kind of fun to write."

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