Dr Mensana

Real Name: Dr.Mensana

Identity/Class: Human empowered by chemical means

Occupation: Medical doctor, scientist

Affiliations: Inspector Grey

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Man of Mind Plus, the Samson of Science

Base of Operations: Australia

First Appearance: Dr. Mensana (1941)

Powers/Abilities: When he swallows a M+ pill Dr. Mensana gains temporary telepathic abilities and enhanced intellect, and his head swells to accomodate his larger brain. When he swallows a S+ pill, he gains superhuman strength equivalent to twenty times the strength of "any jungle animal" and his body swells up with muscles. However, as he explains when someone else asks to try one of his S+ pills, "stimulants are harmful, and S+ is a super stimulant. Each one I take shortens my life by many years." Even without his pills he is exceptionally smart.

History: Scientist Dr.Mensana developed a pair of pills which could temporarily transform anyone who used them: his "S+" pills granted superhuman strength, while his "M+" pills caused the cranium to swell, granting telepathic abilities. He allied himself with Police Inspector Grey, and turned his new abilities to crimefighting. Clad only in a pair of elasticated shorts (to avoid his clothes being ripped when he used the M+ pill) containing a secret pouch with an emergency supply of his pills, Dr.Mensana fought crime in Australia in the 1940s.

Comments: Created by Tom Hubble.

Thanks to Copper for additional information about this character.

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