Dotty Virvelvind (Dotty Whirlwind)

Real Name: Dotty Burns

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Unknown

Affiliations: Jimmy Caruthers (fiancé), Doctor van Lorne

Enemies: Hermes, Föreningen för ignorerande av Dotty V (the society for ignoring Dotty V)

Known Relatives: Mortimer Burns, Eunice Burns (parents)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York

First Appearance: Dotty Virvelvind series in Levande Livet magazine (1944)

Powers/Abilities: Dotty has superhuman strength, she can fly, has extraordinarily sharp vision, and can see in the dark. She can also breathe and operate unhindered underwater.

History: Dotty Burns was a frail, timid and cowardly girl who dreamed of being special. One day she met the scientist Dr. van Lorne and agreed to partake in his experiments. An injection of hyperlymph - a hormonal mixture from the glands of stag beetle, ant, spider and cat) bestowed her with fantastic powers and she became Dotty Whirlwind, "the girl who does whatever she likes", fighting criminals and performing glamorous heroics. These would often include rescuing her boyfriend, reporter Jimmy Caruthers, from deadly perils. After a series of adventures Dotty's arch enemy, the evil scientist Hermes, managed to remove her powers using electricity. She then decided to resume her life as a normal girl.

Later (on the premiere of her comic; see below) Dotty discovered that Hermes had returned and was plotting new crimes, so she sought out Dr. van Lorne again. He had now perfected his research and injected her with an improved version of "hyper lymph" (now adding falcon to the mix). This gave Dotty new and improved powers, and she became a heroine once more.

Comments: Created by science fiction author Sture Lönnerstrand. Dotty was originally a literary character, the protagonist of a series of short stories with illustrations by Lennart Ek. That storyline was concluded as the series ended, but Lönnerstrand later revived Dotty in comic book form. The first comics were drawn by Lennart Ek, in later issues by Björn Karlström.

Thanks to Hans Holm for informing me of the character, and to both Hans Holm and Ake Rosenius for the extensive information above.


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