Real Name: Devilina

Identity/Class: Demon

Occupation: College student

Affiliations: Unknown

Enemies: Satan

Known Relatives: Sephora (mother), Satan (brother)

Aliases: The Sister of Satan

Base of Operations: New England

First Appearance: Devilina #1 (Seaboard Periodicals Inc, January 1975)

Powers/Abilities: Unknown.

History: Transported forward through time from the "time of casting out," when Satan was thrown down from Heaven, the infant Devilina (Satan's sister) and her mother Sephora arrived in New England in the 20th century. There, in a mansion which stood over the "secret entrance to Hell", Devilina grew to adulthood. Her heritage re-entered her life when she went to college, at which time her brother brought her into his infernal realm and offered her joint rule of same. Devilina refused and returned to Earth, and for years it seemed Satan had accepted her choice...until years later he burned to death her date to the graduation ball in an "accidental" fire. Devilina vowed she would get revenge on her brother, and began a campaign against him.

Comments: Mike Murphy informed me of this character and notes "Although ostensibly Atlas' attempt to replicate Warren's Vampirella, it came off more as a knockoff of Marvel's Satana. Oddly Atlas' magazine line managed to be no more gruesome than their color comic line..." He also supplied the image used here.

Devilina was a bi-monthly title with a colour cover and black and white interior. It only lasted two issues, with two Devilina stories: "The Devil's Dungeon" in issue #1, and "Curse of the Ra Scarab" in #2. The other (non-Devilina stories) in #1 were "Satan's Domain," "Lost Tomb of Nefertiri," The Lay of the Sea," "Midnight Muse," "Merchants of Evil," "Vampire Lovers," and "The Tempest." The non-Devilina stories in #2 were " Vendetta," "The Devil's Procuress," "Flesh Gordon," "The Prophesy," and "Night Creature." Thanks to Phill Bridgewater for this and other information.

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