Dark Ninja

Real Name: Harumi No

Identity/Class: Demonically possessed human

Occupation: Assassin

Affiliations: None; formerly Chunin crime family

Enemies: Chunin crime family

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Canada

First Appearance: Orb #4 (Orb Publications, November-December 1974)

Powers/Abilities: Highly skilled assassin, expert in numerous weapons and fighting styles. Trained acrobat with superb coordination and balance.

History: Trained since childhood to be a ninja assassin for the Chunin family, Harumi No achieved the lowest ninja rank, genin, as a youth. As his skills progressed, he soon achieved a middle-ranking in the Chunin family, and after a decade of daring feats and assassinations, he became a jonin, leader of a ninja family composed of 150 killers. At some point, unknown to himself, Harumi was possessed by Majui, a demon spirit that had moved from host to host in Japan since 3800 B.C. Finding himself dissatisfied with his achievements and feeling somehow confined on the Japanese islands, Harumi quit the Chunin family and moved to Canada. He offered his services to the world, his talents for purchase by the highest bidder as the Dark Ninja.

Comments: Created by Vince Marchesano and Russell Wallace.

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