Wacky Squirrel, robotic trouble-maker

Wagner the Wehr-Wolf, Penny Dreadful character

Waku, Golden Age jungle hero

Waldo the Wonder Boy, son of Waldo the Wonder Man

Waldo the Wonder Man, super-powered thief

Walker, Elementals ally

Walker, Christian, Powers

Walker, Jedda, Defenders of the Earth

Walker, Patsy, Golden Age character

Wallace, Randi, She-Wolf of London

Wallace, William, Scottish freedom fighter

Wallbanger, robot soldier

Wall Man

Wallop, Clan Destine

Wall's Wonderman, advertising character

Wally Ut, Mage

Wampus, alien shapeshifter

Wanda Wheels, member of the Super Seven

Wandering Menstrual

Wang, member of Batch 72

War Baby

Warblade, member of WildC.A.T.S.

Warden Jagart, nemesis of Grimjack

Wardog, leader of the Special Executive

War Eagle

Wargod, Canadian character

Warhead, cyborg opponent of Zenith

Warheads, agents of Mys-Tech

Warlock the Wizard

War Nurse

War Party

Warpies, children mutated by the Jaspers Warp


Warrior Woman

Wasp, Lev Gleason hero

The Watch, Australian supergroup

Water Margin

Watson, Dr.John, ally of Sherlock Holmes

Watson, Colonel Timothy "Ace"

Watts, Sparky

The Waxer, British supervillain

Waxworks, member of the Technet

Wayne, Mary

Weapon Alpha

Weapon Omega, Wild Child of Alpha Flight

Weapon X, Wolverine of the X-Men

Wear 'em out Wilf


Weasel Guy

Weasel Woman, Superior Squad

Weasley, Ron, pal of Harry Potter

Weatherman, from Hero High

The Web, Archie Comics

The Web, Impact Comics

Webb, Gabriel, Maze Agency

Web Black, Brazilian hero

Web Masters

Web Riders, ReBoot characters

Webwoman, cartoon heroine

Wee Willie Haggis, the Spy from Skye, boy operative of MI 51/2

Weiderman, Don, Bats, Cats and Cadillacs

Weiss, Ingrid

Weiss, Martin

Werehawk, Futurian

Werewolf, spy

Werewolf, cursed man hunting the first of his line

West, Tomorrow, time-traveller trapped in the Old West

Western Kid, Atlas comics cowboy

Westin, Daniel, invisible man

West Island Lad, ally of Angloman

Weterlackus, demonic lord


The Whelp, enemy of the Los Luchadores

Whisper, faux ninja

the Whisperer, member of the Mysterymen

Whistler, Golden Age hero

Whistler, member of the Super Seven

Whistler, cartoon assistant to Blade

Whistler, Abigail, daughter of Abraham Whistler and Nightstalker

Whistler, Abraham, movie partner of Blade

White Feather, Dutch created Native American crimefighter

White Heat, Zenith's mother

White Knight

White Mask

White Panther

White Streak

White Thunder, Canadian hero

Whitey, Mega City perp

Whiz Wallace

Whizzer, Golden Age speedster

Wild Boy of the Woods, Scottish teen

Wildcard, Strikeforce: Morituri


Wild Child, Canadian feral mutant


Wildfire, Quality Comics heroine

Wildheart, member of Alpha Flight


Wild Thing

The Wild Wonders, feral British youths

Will, teenage witch

Willer, Tex, Italian Wild West hero

Williams, Linda, Esper

Williams, Remo, the Destroyer

William Wallace, Scottish freedom fighter

Will Scarlet, one of Robin Hood's Merry Men

Wind, Strikeforce: Morituri

Windstorm, member of the Canadian Liberty League


The Wing

The Winged Man, pre-WW I British crimefighter

Winged Victory

Winter, Marvelman

Winter, Stormwatch

Winters, Tawny, member of the Hero Alliance

Wire, R.C.X. Warpie

Wisdom, Pete, Excalibur member

Wiseman, Michael


The Witch

W.I.T.C.H., teenage magic-users


Witch Hunter

Witch's Son

Witness, Golden Age Timely hero

Witness, a mysterious narrator of criminal stories

The Wizard, Golden Age hero

The Wizard, member of Misfits, Inc.

The Wolf

Wolf, Web-Masters

Wolf Gang, Steel Harbor gang

Wolfie Smith, teenage British telepath

Wolf Spider

Wolverine, X-Men

Woman in Red, Golden Age heroine

Wombat, Australian ally of the Badger

Wonder Boy, Quality Comics Golden Age hero

Wonder Boy, Funnies Inc. Golden Age hero

Wonder Gran, elderly British heroine

Wonder Man, the first Golden Age Wonder Man, his adventures curtailed by DC's legal threats

Wonder Man, Nedor's, the second Golden Age Wonder Man

Wonderman, Brad Spencer, the third Golden Age Wonderman

Wonderman, the Australian Golden Age one

Wonder Man, Waldo

Wonderman, UK

Wonderman, Wall's 

Wonderman, French

W3, Japanese team

Wonder Wellies, Cracker

Wonder Wellies, Buster

Wonder Woman, Hong Kong

Wong, Seth, member of Team Metallix


Woo, Jimmy, foe of the Yellow Claw

Worchester, Hiram

The Word


Wormwood, Danny, Antichrist

Wormwood, Gentleman Corpse

Worst Witch

Wraith, Golden Age

Wraith, Wild Cards

Wraith, Australian hero


The Wretch, anti-supernatural hero


Wülf Girlz

Wulf Sternhammer, norm partner to Johnny Alpha

Wyatt, Leo, ally of the Charmed Ones




X, crazed vigilante from Arcadia in Dark Horse's Comics' Greatest World

Xanatos, David, foe of the Gargoyles

Xavier Desmond, unofficial leader of Jokertown in the Wild Cards series

X-Bow, bike riding vigiliante from the Hotspur

Xena, Warrior Princess from ancient Greece

Xenia, member of the Watch, murdered by her team leader when she tried to leave the team

Xenoform, Astro City villain

X-Files, The Truth Is Out There

X-Man, Brazilian hero

X-O, barbarian wearing Spider-Alien armour

X-O Manowar, Acclaim universe cyborg

Xombi, undead scientist

X-Ray Boy, ally of Megaton Man

X-Ray Specs, lad from Monster Fun and Buster who had glasses allowing him to see through things

Xsé, alien from Chilean comic

Xstacy, interdimensional teleporter


Xtremity, foe of Cat Claw


Yabuki Jiro, one of James Hudnall's Espers

Yak, ally of the Badger, ancient magician

Yank, Golden age hero, partner of Doodle

Yankee Boy, Golden age hero

Yankee Doodle Jones

Yankee Eagle, Quality Comics hero

Yankee Girl, Golden age hero

Yankee Girl, another Golden Age hero of that name

Yap, sidekick to Gatecrasher

Yarmak, Australian jungle lord

Yarn Man, ally of Megaton Man

Y Ddraig Goch, the Red Dragon, formerly of UK superteam Cloud Nine

Ye Cha, Hong Kong vigilante

Yechadit Hashimshonism, Company of Samsons, Israeli supersoldiers

Yellow Claw, Golden Age villain

Yellowjacket, Golden age hero

Yellow Jacket, Shooting Star Comics Pulp-style hero

Yeoman, zen archer from the Wild Cards books

Yesterday Men

Yeti, ally of the Badger

Yoav Ben Halav, Israeli hero who gets power from drinking milk

Yorga, Argentinian vigilante

Yorga, Italian jungle lord

Young Allies, Golden Age kid group

Young Avenger, Golden Age Timely hero

The Young Detectives, teenage Israeli adventurers

Young Gargunza, nephew of the villainous scientist Gargunza

Young Marvelman, Richard "Dicky" Dauntless, ally of Marvelman

Young Miracleman, the revived version of Young Marvelman

Young Nastyman, foe of Young Marvelman

Young Robin Hood


Yung Dol Kim, immortal victim of the Kurgan


Zagor, Italian hero based in the American west

Zakimort, Italian killer vigilante

Zambini, the Miracle Man

Zanzibar, Golden Age hero

Zapman, member of the Atomics

Zapper, member of Dan Dare's Eagles

Zarbot, Filipino hero

Zarga, hypnotist villain from the UK Buster comic

Zazoom, donkey used by the Arabian Knights

Z-Bikes, allies of the Beano's Q-Bikes

Zealot, member of WildC.A.T.S.

Zebra, Golden Age hero

Zed, wielder of the Evil Eye

Zeeuws Meisje, Dutch heroine

Zeitgeist, member of the Special Executive

Zeke, Mystery Men

Zembla, Semic comic's jungle lord

Zen, Intergalactic ninja

Zenga, criminal whose mind has been transplanted into robot body

Zenith, selfish pop star superhero created by Grant Morrison

Zenith the Albino, arch enemy of detective Sexton Blake

Zerbe the Cloner, Vile Brotherhood

Zero, foe of the Watch

Zero Assassin, Australian assassin

Zero Patrol

Zetra-Ranger Blue

Zetra-Ranger Red

Zetra-Ranger Yellow

Zigomar, Serbian hero

Zippo, Golden age hero

Zippy the Pinhead Clown

Znaid, member of the Seraphim

Zoalord, ally of the Guyver

Zodiac Master, villainous foe of the Golden Dragon

Zogg the Wizard, wizard from the Dandy

Zombie, Atlas comics character

Zom of the Zodiac, Golden age British hero who could transform people

Zoo-Lou, arch-rival of Roachmill

Zooman, Mexican hero with fly powers

Zor, Canadian hero

Zor, Mexican hero

Zora, Powers

Zorak, enemy of Space Ghost

Zorglub, enemy of Spirou and Fantasio

Zoro, Golden Age adventurer

Zorro, the Fox, hero of southern California

Zot!, Scott McCloud's superpowered teenager

Zovek, Mexican magician

Z-Riders, variants of the Q-Bikes from Grant Morrison's Zenith strip

Zroa, Israeli hero

ZsaZsa, Filipino heroine

Zuhara, Indonesian heroine

Zuma, Filipino hero

Zzardo, Astro City villain

Zzed, supervillain who became the heroic Doctor Eclipse