X-Ray Boy

Real Name: Larry Barton

Identity/Class: Human mutate cyborg

Occupation: Student and sidekick

Affiliations: Megaton Man


Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Noe

Base of Operations: Livonia, Michigan

First Appearance: Don Simpson's Bizarre Heroes #1 (Fiasco, May 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Larry has x-ray vision; as well as allowing him to see through things, this powerful sight is radioactive and can disintegrate people.

History: Larry Barton was your average teenager, living in Livonia, Michigan, until he sent away for x-ray spectacles advertised in a comic, and got sent a pair that really worked. Worked a little too well, as it turned out, when he discovered they also gave him heat vision by accidentally burning off his own left hand (hence the prosthetic one he now has). It turned out the glasses were prototypes developed by the Pentagon, and had been released accidentally; realising their mistake, the military decided to retrieve their equipment. But by the time they caught up to him, his eyes had been permanently mutated by the specs, and he no longer needed them to use his powers, as the two agents who tried to take them would attest to - if Larry hadn't disintegrated them.

Larry is Megaton Man's sidekick, and his classmate Nikki Robertson now has the specs.



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