Proto-Zoalord Murakami

Real Name: Masaki Murakami

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Reporter

Affiliations: Guyver, Dark Guyver

Enemies: Chronos, Gyro, Alkanphel Sulfur, Enzyme

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Zoalord, Imakirum Mirabilis, Transforming Beastmaster (only used as a descriptive title in an OVA, not used by him as a name)

Base of Operations: Japan

First Appearance: Shonen Captain (manga, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Masaki is exceptionally fit and strong, thanks to the experiments carried out on him. He can transform into his combat form, his Zoalord body, though since he is only a prototype, he cannot sustain the change for very long. In this form, he is stronger and more durable than a human, and can control Zoanoids at will, unless overruled by another, stronger, Zoalord. He can fire force bolts from his hands, or generate a force field around himself. After being recaptured and upgraded by Chronos, he has cat-like slitted pupils in his human form, which he hides behind sunglasses.

History: Masaki Murakami was a freelance reporter until he stuck his nose in somewhere it wasn't wanted while checking out the story behind a number of monster sightings. The monsters turned out to be genetic experiments, Zoanoids, created by the Chronos Corporation, who didn't appreciate his snooping, and captured him. Initially planning to kill him, they then decided to use him as an experimental subject. They transported him to their development program at Relic's Point in Japan, where Chronos were trying to create a new Zoalord, beings capable of controlling the animalistic Zoanoids - Masaki was to become the prototype for one called Gyro (the twelfth Zoalord). Realising that if they were successful, they might well be creating a new enemy for themselves, they deliberately designed his new form to die in less than a week after the changes were made, a standard practice in their genetic experiments.

Luckily for Masaki, but not for Chronos, one of the scientists, also a hostage, convinced Masaki and three other test subjects to rebel. The scientist altered each of them to extend their lifespans back to normal. His plans to smuggle them out were discovered, and their plans were thwarted, but Masaki managed to escape, the sole survivor. Re-establishing his former life, he sought to revenge himself on Chronos, teaming up with both of the heroic Guyvers along the way. Chronos sent the more powerful Gyro after him, and the two battled on a number of occasions. Gyromortally wounded Masaki, who was then recpatured by Chronos. They healed him, but also brainwashed him, turning him into an obedient servant of the Corporation, turning him into Chronos' thirteenth Zoalord, Imakirum Mirabilis.

Comments: Created by Yoshiki Takaya. Voiced by Hirotaka Suzuoki in the anime.

Thanks to David Crowe for informing me of his proper title.

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