The Wizard

Real Name: Blaine Whitney



Affiliations: partner of Roy the Super Boy


Known Relatives:

Aliases: The Man with the Super Brain

Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Top-Notch Comics #1 (Archie, December 1939)


History: Blaine Whitney was trained from an early age to be a mental giant, growing up to have a photographic memory and e.s.p., which he used to locate criminals. Armed with an invulnerable costume, he became the hero known as the Wizard.

Comments: Created by Harry Shorten and Edd Ashe.

Blaine adopted an orphaned shoe-shine boy, Roy, and turned him into his sidekick, Roy the Wonder Boy. Roy would often team up with Dusty, the Shield's sidekick, and together (as the Boy Buddies) the would assist the Hangman.


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